Rick May, the voice of Peppy and Andross in StarFox 64, has passed away from coronavirus

Rest in peace, Mr. May

We are unbelievably saddened to tell you that Rick May, the voice behind Peppy Hare and Andross in StarFox 64, has passed away. Rick suffered a stroke in Feb. 2020, and had been moved into a nursing home for his rehabilitation. While there, Rick was exposed to the coronavirus, which ended up taking his life while he was in the care of Swedish Medical Center near Seattle, Washington.

Outside of his work in video games, Rick was a a teacher at the Rekindle School, where he directed or appeared in over 300 shows. The Rekindle School has opened up an email address for those who want to send their condolences to Rick's family. You can do so by reaching out to rekindleschool@gmail.com.

Thanks to Cassidy for sharing this information.

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This is very sad, the virus was such an avoidable disaster had China simply kept their health standards up to a humane level. Now so many people are hurt and have died from pure negligence. I hope we can reduce the amount of death as much as possible and get our countries running again, this was a huge wake-up call.

Mon Apr 13 20 05:39pm
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So sad. His voice work on those iconic lines brought joy to so many. Rest in peace.

He also voiced Soldier in Team Fortress 2, which is pretty sad for me as one of the reasons why I like Soldier so much is because of May's performance.

WHAT?! Noooooooooooooooo!!!!

Damn you Dr. Corona!!!!

As a tribute, we all should do a barrel roll.

Oh no, I was just thinking about him yesterday in regard's to Soldier's voice.

Damn it...

This is very sad, the virus was such an avoidable disaster had China simply kept their health standards up to a humane level. Now so many people are hurt and have died from pure negligence. I hope we can reduce the amount of death as much as possible and get our countries running again, this was a huge wake-up call.

Mon Apr 13 20 06:11pm
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N-no! Don't blame China that's...


Mon Apr 13 20 08:35pm
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the virus couldve been in Russia and the result would've have been same due to lack of action to quell it properly. the point is moot now that's it's everywhere now; so EVERY country has an obligation to find their way to quell it (ours included).

Mon Apr 13 20 10:11pm
(Updated 1 time)

Not even Russia would have gone to such lengths as China, hiding the now well known dangers and mass censoring their own people from warning the world. Don't try to throw Russia in the fire just to make the CCP seem less crappy for what they did.

At the same, time, maybe giving all details and be more concern about the spread would also have been nice. I think each country had a reaction until they were close to phase 2 (having the disease spreading internally).

Man get out of here with that. Don't use the this to start blaming China. Like another user said, it's a moot point right now and it's up to each country and us to work towards getting over this.

China, (or rather the Chinese Communist Party), is to blame. Stop protecting monsters.

The U.S. government is equally to blame for the state of things there.

I'm not protecting anything. We have 20K people and counting dead in America and that's with better "health standards", so I don't want to hear crap about China or whoever is to blame.

I believe your misinformed, when people blame china it is due to how their health and safety standards with food and food markets have allowed the virus to reach humans in the first place. There has also been news stories brought up that the virus's origins may have come from a lab in China, a lab just several miles away from the food market everyone suspected, (there were no bats sold in the market at the time and the lab housed several types of corona virus). Further more there were several studies that linked the origin of the virus to China, following the various mutations and the hosts flight paths.


It is undeniable that China was the cause of this and we are all paying for it. China could have prevented the spread by communicating with the world, instead they buried useful information and kept countries like Taiwan from helping thanks to their control over the world health organization.

Tue Apr 14 20 02:01am
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Or maybe actually having a plan ready when we were all warned about this months ahead of time instead of ignoring it would have helped. This was completely able to be mitigated but politics get in the way because they powers in charge can't admit they screwed up

Has he also voiced Peppy and Andross in Star Fox 64 3D and Zero and Battle Begins?
Anyway, very sad since Star Fox means so much to me, and Peppy is like a father figure to Fox (and the players). And only a very competent voice actor would be able to transmit such emotion.

Everyone remember to stay home, because if you don't, this is gonna keep happening.

For those who can, yeah. But I see that more and more people care less now. For us who have to work (too much), we'll just take care as we can and be professional =)

Mon Apr 13 20 10:14pm
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Indeed, I'm doing my part to get take out or delivery from local stores more. Losing the economy can be just as bad or worse than the virus itself.

Mon Apr 13 20 10:42pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

Nah, nothing is worse than hundreds of thousands of people dying alone, stored in freezers, and then buried in mass graves. You’re just regurgitating Trump talking points.

How many people will starve or can't afford healthcare if the economy never recovers? How much crime and needless death will arise due to the massive spike in poverty? We must do all we can to protect the vulnerable while doing our part to keep businesses alive.

The end point will always be the same even if the way will be different. I am not american, but if the US and Europe become fragilized, there will be a power and economic imbalance due to how some countries deal with the virus in certain "non-ethical" ways. This can have way more severe implications than the virus has now. The EU countries are already feeling the strain in their relationships and China is at a point where they are mostly benefitting from this crisis. War and more diplomatic difficulties can be a consequence of fragilized economies and the imbalance that it causes.

Yeah, but the scary thing is that we know it'll be bad, but we can't be sure just how bad it'll be until we live it.

One problema at a time.

Tue Apr 14 20 02:02am
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No. It's not. Preservation of life is always number 1. The economy doesn't prevent people from dying. The country will not go away. It will recover. People cannot come back from the dead

But we humans turned money into our biggest god and with a sudden loss of this "god" the suicide rate is going to jump up high.

Working at a big grocery store/small sized supermarket and I think STRESS is going to take down more people than the virus. But depressions have already started hitting the shores too thanks to that economy part, yeah.

It's an odd situation in any case. So stay at home if you can and stay healthy!!!

For Rick, I will do a barrel roll.

Darn...another soldier lost the war. Rest in peace good sir.


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