Minecraft Dungeons doesn't let you play online with random players, devs looking to add cross-play in a future update

Sorry, randos

An official FAQ for Minecraft Dungeons has been released, and it contains a couple of interesting details. First up, we learn that the game can only be played with friends across all platforms. You can play locally with friends, or you can hop online and play with people on your friends list. If you're looking for online play with random people, that's not going to be an option.

As far as online play goes, that's going to be a platform-specific playerbase at launch. Minecraft Dungeons will only let you join up with friends on the same platform when it first releases, but the dev team is looking to include cross-platform play in a free patch after launch. No specifics were given on the release date for that update.

The FAQ has a ton of other important details on the game, as well as a rundown of what to expect. Check out the full FAQ here.

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So unless my wife and son want to play I won't be buying it

Fri Apr 17 20 04:32pm
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I had read about this a couple of weeks ago. It is pretty disappointing. I think this is only going to be a $20 game, but it makes me want it less, especially on Switch where I won't be able to message friends to ask if they want to play.
To me this is as dumb of a decision as launching Super Mario Maker 2 with the opposite problem (only being able to play with randoms). You need to allow both. I've built a lot of friendships (gaming-wise) over the years that started out with them just being a random player.

Random matchmaking in dungeon crawlers is not a big deal for me. Anytime I play with random players usually they don't cooperate with me anyway, as long as there's a friend option this is not a deal breaker.


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