Chicken Wiggle Workshop renamed to Hatch Tales

Hatching a new name

Atooi has been hard at work for quite some time now bringing Chicken Wiggle Workshop to the Switch. While we're still waiting on a firm release date, we do have one bit of interesting information. The game is undergoing a name change.

From Chicken Wiggle on 3DS to Chicken Wiggle Workshop on Switch, and now that name is being dropped altogether in favor of a new name. A backer update confirms that the game will now be called Hatch Tales, which you can see in the official logo above. According to Atooi, the name was changed to avoid customer confusion. They didn't want people seeing Chicken Wiggle Workshop and not understand what type of game it was, or what the experience offered.


I always thought Chicken Wiggle was a bad name that sounded like Wii Shop Channel shovelware (despite actually being a great game).

Hatch Tales isn't much better imo.

It should be done soon, after all.. Everyday they're out there making Hatch Tales

Names matter. For instance, I believe Chronicles of Teddy would have sold better without that stupid name. Every once and awhile a god awful name (like Wii) doesn’t hurt sales but that’s probably the odd exception. I have no idea if Hatch Tales will work better than Chicken Wiggle but it at least doesn’t sound embarrassing.

"Estimated delivery Dec 2018"

I don't care what they call it, I wanna know why do all of Atooi's projects take so long? I know they're a small team and all that, but it was the same case when they were Renegade Kid, too. By the time this releases I will have lost all interest (I did play it on 3DS already though).


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