Modder recreates Super Mario Odyssey in Super Mario 64

The most impressive mod yet?

Modder Kaze Emanuar is back once again with a Super Mario 64 mod, and it might be his most impressive yet. While he hasn't managed to squeeze the entirety of Super Mario Odyssey into Super Mario 64, he's certainly gotten a decent chunk of the experience! Multiple locations and enemies you'll recognize, and 80 moons to collect throughout the experience. From the trailer alone, you can tell this is a ridiculously detailed mod that a ton of hard work went into.

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

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This is just awesome! Especially the scale of the Sand Kingdom.

Impressive work. However...

This mod really exemplifies just how loose and bland the map design is in Odyssey. Seems they got a bit rusty after all those years of focusing on obstacle course 3D Marios.

The levels are too open for their own good. In a normal open world there's so much to do randomly but in Odyssey unless there was purpose for a star or a few coins here and there the level was a bit barren. If it had more story elements like Galaxy mixed in the extra space wouldn't have been so noticable.

I think with how Mario's mobility options have evolved over time, it makes sense to have larger, more spacious world designs. There are ludicrously far jumps you can perform with Cappy in Odyssey, which wouldn't be possible if the levels were more constrained. Not to mention the transformations. Some of my favourite moments in the game are capturing something like a frog or an Uproot and having them rocket me like 5 stories vertically, very satisfying.

I went into it as a big fan of Mario 64 and Sunshine but Odyssey never really felt too loose for me.

Shame the modder is a complete jerk too.

Why? Or are you talking about Skelux?

Sun Apr 19 20 11:27am
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Some of those environments are huge, does this actually work on real hardware or is this an emulator only hack? If that Cap Kingdom runs smoothly on a real N64 I will be very impressed.


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