Street Fighter producer says "if there's an opportunity that makes sense," they'll do more series entries for Switch

Now seems like a good opportunity

When it comes to classic Street Fighter games, the Switch has seen its fair share. On the flip-side, the Switch hasn't gotten anything when it comes to newer installments. Is there any chance of that changing? Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono talked to USGamer about plans going forward.

Since the Switch came out, we’ve released Ultra Street Fighter II and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for that platform. From a business standpoint, these two titles were a success. We are seeing many competitive titles, including Smash Bros., doing well on Switch and players are enjoying those types of experiences on that platform. If there is another opportunity that makes sense for us, we would consider the Switch again. Regarding Street Fighter 5, it is currently exclusive to PS4 and PC. However, as mentioned above, we do see Switch as an important platform for all types of games.


Just port over Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. You've already made Switch your residential porting ground, Capcom. Might as well keep the streak going.

Maybe make a modern Street Fighter with all the fighters exclusive for Switch.

Street Fighter 4 is wonderful on the 3DS and could be on Switch as well.

What the hell are you waiting for Crapcom? A port of SSF4 (and maybe MVC3) would be fantastic right now.

Sat Apr 25 20 03:00pm
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There's literally no need, since none of the other systems have gotten a new SF since the switch launch. We got 30th day and date with the other systems. There's no reason to be asking this as we're practically caught up on the titles that make sense, unless you really want MVC Infinite or Street Fighter V for whatever reason... And fat chance they'll make SFVI for Switch considering how weak the hardware is. I feel if they remaster any future SF games, we'll be getting them since that's a safe bet, but the series hasn't really gone anywhere that ignored Switch outside of the aforementioned MVCI which is... better left dead.

XBOX is pretty much in the exact same spot as Switch is when it comes to SF games this gen, so I don't really see the need to act like this is a switch only deal. Even the PS4 USFIV port didn't come to XB1, since they just use the 360 version with BC. Switch doesn't have a prior version of SFIV, so there's no need or really viable way to get that game on there like the PS4 version. Nobody would use it for tournaments anyhow.

Personally, I'm just hopeful they find some way to bring back Puzzle Fighter. Compilation, HD remake 2, or a real sequel that isn't the mobile game, it would be very fun on Switch and other gen systems. Surely they could do that while they work on VI?

Sat Apr 25 20 06:38pm
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I second the notion for Puzzle Fighter and add to that. I'd like to see a Puzzle Fighter and Gem Fighter combo pack on the Switch.

I really hate Capcom. Like, immensely.

Sat Apr 25 20 06:16pm
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Why exactly? Because Switch isn’t getting the ports you want?

No modern support.
Delayed releases.
Overpriced ports.
Constantly saying they'll support Switch when it proves itself, which it has time and time again. But nothing has come of it.

Sun Apr 26 20 05:20pm
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"No modern support. "

They literally have put out everything they could on Switch, right around the time the other versions launched starting from the end of 2017. The only major games that skipped this were MVCI, MHW, RE2/3, and DMCV. All of those being huge, massive games that wouldn't run properly on the Switch in the slightest. Yet their smaller games like Mega Man 11 and Shinshekai (The latter being console exclusive), along with every single compilation they made (Disney Afternoon was only skipped since it came out right after the system launch and was in development before the system was even fully a thing, there was zero chance that thing would see a launch on the platform so early in its life with how little time the devs knew about the platform)

"Delayed releases."

I assume you're referring to MMLC2 and all their random ports the past few years like the old REs/Okami HD. MMLC2 launched in mid 2017, and was likely not considered for switch at all due to the timing of the system. (The fact that the game's code notes plans for a 3DS version, and NOT a Switch port, means that it definitely wasn't in the cards until a lot later) Okami HD on PS4/XB1 was also likely planned long before the Switch focus set in. It's not unusual for a dev to be tepid on a system especially when they got burned hard on Wii U with MH3U.

DMC is definitely the most weirder case of them all, but I say that was likely due to the director of the series clearly doubting Nintendo fans would even like such games, if his comments about Dragon's Dogma wanting to do well before they'd bring over DMC are apparent. I'm expecting they'll bring over 4 to the system as well, but not 5 unless there's massive scaling back.

"Overpriced ports."

Less debatable but that's unfortunately an annoying deal with a lot of switch games due to the outrageous cart prices leading to a lot of devs just not bothering with big carts. Add to the fact multi SKU carts weren't a thing until last year and it would make their early compilations literally impossible to put on one cart. That's why they had to split XC up into 2 carts in Japan and make the combo pack digital only. I do think it's dumb that the MSRP for those RE bundles are $60 each when they're super cheap everywhere else, however.

"Constantly saying they'll support Switch when it proves itself, which it has time and time again. But nothing has come of it."

Except they literally did. Their weird SFII HD Remix port sold well, which is what they were banking on (Why? I guess to try and see if the SSFIV3D magic would happen again, which led to them putting MH/AA stuff on the 3DS), and then later that year they started doing things like MHGU and announced the MMLC 1/2 deal, along with XC and 11. Literally every single one of their lower-budget and smaller scale games that could work on switch, has come to switch day and date with the other platforms after 2017 (Onimusha Warlords being the first example), and they're even porting older stuff to the system that they could have easily not bothered with.

The major thing about Capcom however, is that unlike Square Enix who makes tons of smaller scale games like the Romancing Saga ports, the Trials of Mana remake, Spelunker Party,, and Tokyo RPG Factory's works that can easily run on switch and come out day and date, they pretty much have ignored all smaller scale projects for a good while now, or put them exclusively on mobile. They don't have any new Ace Attorney games in development, which is weird since they were full force on the 3DS, nor is any compilation of 4-6 in sight despite rumors, nor do they seem interested in a weaker MH game with World being a megaton hit.

All Modern Capcom has really done lately is focus strictly on AAA games and compilations. And if the Switch can't even manage to run a game like RE7 without needing a cloud version well, then there's no way in hell RE2R/RE3R will be ported, nor would anything like MVCI or SFV without downgrading. Thus, unless they make something 100% exclusively for Switch or a lower budget game like a Mega Man/AA title, there's really nothing they can do besides throw up ports from last gen. The fact they even made Shinsekai a console exclusive at all is pretty surprising, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the TEPPEN card game get ported from mobile as well. Really, it just goes to show that their output in general has been a bit slower than it used to be, since when you peel back all their megaton games, they don't have much besides compilations.

I think it's time they let their B teams work on more Mega Man/Ace Attorney titles for all the systems instead of focusing on milking RE games until people are sick of the franchise.

Sun Apr 26 20 05:47pm
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A lot of people do forget that some games just can't run on Switch. The Switch is just underpowered. RE2R would look like garbage and would also be an expensive port to downgrade. Heck, Nier:A had hickups on the PS4Pro.. Yeah, sure, they got Doom and Witcher over, but they cold never port RDR for example.

It's a business after all.

My personal gripe is that they never released a physical copy of Okami HD in the West. I bet the Japanese version is deadly expensive now. Can't et everything I want, eh? ;)

But a great round-up there. Very many good points.

The Switch can run Wolfenstein 2, Doom Eternal, Witcher 3, and Mortal Kombat with relative competency. And run genre equivalent games like Bayonetta 1 and 2 and soon Wonderful 101. Compromises will have to be made, but thats what they do for every switch release and I only hear complaints from Capcom (who btw had say in the Switch's RAM and still didnt do anything with it lmao)

Delayed releases is quite personal and just a specific gripe for me. Although what you brought up helps prove my point, I was talking about Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, a game that was ready a year before it launched in the US, solely because they didnt want the game to clash with World, which was the game they wanted to make sure the West took to. I played and nearly completed everything in my import MHXX copy before they finally released it here with zero fanfare. And this is a series whose future on Switch, like many Capcom series that used to be featured on Nintendo consoles, remains in limbo.

Overpriced ports well again this is BS. Capcom doesnt only overprice their physical releases, they overprice them digitally, as is the case with the recent DMC and RE releases. And its not like they are using the biggest carts and stuffin them to the brim like other publishers would, they use the smallest carts available and then require additional downloads on the consumer's behalf. Ludicrous.

I just ask for real support. Capcom constantly uses their releases to "test" the Switch audience. They tested them at launch with USF2. Nothing. They stated MHXX (at the time a generations old handheld game) was another test. The game ended up selling well over a million. Nothing. You see these tests have clear results. Fans buy a lazy ass USF2 in droves, the result is "ok, here's a proper, recent, Street Figher game". Nope. Fans buy a handheld MH port in droves, the result is "ok here's a port of World, or a new MH game entirely". Nope.
The list goes on with these smaller releases, which have begun to slow to a halt. I dont buy the "its too hard to make happen on Switch", there are smaller publishers accomplishing bigger projects at a decent release pace. I just dont, as a mainly Nintendo player, dont buy Capcom anymore.

Sun Apr 26 20 11:16pm
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But like.. Even some of those ports you mentioned are pretty much too compromised to be worth playing. I cannot stand the thought of playing Doom or Wolf II under 60FPS, considering that they were designed for that in mind and nothing lower. Sure they look pretty, but what's the point if they play poorly? On the other hand you have games like MK11 and Samurai Shodown that run at crisp 60FPS, but look very blurry or low-detailed.

I'd personally prefer the latter part of that equation if it were me, though I also feel games that were meant to have a lower framerate in mind like Skyrim and Witcher 3 can still work well on Switch, since the framerate doesn't suffer as a result, but if Capcom were to say, port DMCV to switch at a lesser framerate, it would be an utter travesty. But if they were to port MVCI to Switch with 60FPS support, although as a blurry mess, I'd still take the blurry mess since the game would feel the same.

Sorta the same for the RE games in that they shouldn't suffer from gameplay slowdowns or anything, but somehow RER2 got a FPS downscale that felt fine, likely because I think it was that way on Vita. (Or 3DS with the first game, as it's a similar engine) I do think we'll likely get OG RE2/3/CV soon, but I doubt we'll be getting the rumored 8 or 4 remakes.

I do agree that they should be doing more smaller scale games that could work on switch/other systems though. We should have really gotten an AA7, MH Switch or anything like that by now. Even X9 would be nice... But I think it's just really Capcom in general to blame, and not some vendetta against the switch: The money train from World is super high, and I doubt they'd ever want to go back to the uglier, older looking Monster Hunter style ever again, when they could just make World 2. Then again, we can still get good spinoffs like Stories, as nothing's stopping a Stories 2... I just feel things with Capcom are a lot better than sooooo many other companies that could easily put out more. Capcom still is doing things that can work on Switch, but people like EA aren't even trying, though Crysis and Burnout may be signs of that changing. (Madden on Switch, hopefully?)

Really, I'm just surprised Capcom hasn't licensed their stuff out to Arcade Archives. Easy way to make money on PS4/Switch weekly by doing that, without having to do much of the work. Though maybe that's why they don't wanna do it, since they want to do that work...

SF5 was so controversial thanks to its bare-bones launch and unfriendly monetization. If they put out a new one I will hope they act upon lessons learned.

Or you know what? Give us a new Darkstalkers game. We don't need Street Fighter right this instant.

I had SFV from nearly the beginning because I won a copy in a contest. It would have felt super underwhelming if I paid $60 for it, though.

But now the Champion Edition is a great package, with all the added characters and costumes. It’s definitely what SFV should have been from the start but it’s in no way bad now.

Yeah, it eventually reached what felt like a full-fledged product. And with free updates, even. But I got it on launch day and was REALLY disappointed at first. No Arcade mode?!

The big lesson I hope Capcom learned is that you can't launch a fighting game purely for the hardcore and fighting game scene... casual people are going to buy it too. It's Street Fighter.

I agree completely. Netherrealm gets it right with Mortal Kombat. Although there is DLC, the base package has a lot of content.

Capcom isn’t the only developer who has made this mistake. I remember how absolutely bare bones Splatoon was. Some would argue that Animal Crossing is this way, but it’s a long drawn out kind of game so I don’t think it’s a big deal for traditionally base content to be added closer to the holidays.

Sat Apr 25 20 06:51pm
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I say forget Street Fighter. Try resurrecting some other franchises (Darkstalkers being the obvious one), an endeavor that could be a lower budget effort. I'm thinking about Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM for the Wii as an example. It wasn't a triple A title, yet still a solid fighting game. Its development helped pave the way for Marvel vs CAPCOM 3.

Just a thought.

Sat Apr 25 20 08:17pm
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They tried low budget with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, which was mechanically pretty great, and it failed spectacularly. Fighting games thrive and sell on the community, and they don't buy into low effort attempts. Darkstalkers, or any other old Capcom fighting game, would require significantly more assets to be built from the ground up, and we'd end up with with a worse attempt at a game than MvCI, and I personally don't think we need low effort garbage just for the sake of getting it. I'm sure plenty of people at Capcom have ideas as well, but unfortunately "just a thought" doesn't greenlight a game and TvC being decent doesn't guarantee anything with future quality.

Capcom rely on ports, remasters and remakes to stay afloat.

The same criticism could be aimed at Nintendo. There have been a lot of ports to Switch, remakes like Links Awakening, remasters like Xenoblade. Of course it’s unfair to ignore the original games they’ve made. Capcom has made original games too though, unless you want to ignore DMC5, MH:W and Mega Man 11.

Games only get more expensive and time consuming to make. Every single company is constantly re-releasing their games in some capacity because its a cheap alternative to fill in release gaps in order to appease both impatient fans and investors. Singling one out makes no sense and is unnecessary.

Pretty much this. When you peel back their few AAA smash hits in the past few years, they really haven't done much else but ports and remasters, with Mega Man 11 being their only small-scale console game I can think of. They're full-force on the RE/MHW cashcow and don't seem interested in much else sadly.

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