Indivisible developers didn't know that their game was launching on Nintendo Switch today

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Yes, good work gumshoe.

I wonder who's really pulling all the strings in the eShop.

Nintendo is. Ofcourse it's their shop.

Yes, good work gumshoe.

It sounds like the version they wanted released wasnt even the one that was released early... Nintendo is gonna have one hell of a headache on their hands if they're the ones that really pushed the release. Then again I guess it's possible to just update it to the complete version.

505 was the publisher so it was absolutely them who told Nintendo to put the game up.

What I want to know is who gave the old version to the outfit that ported the game to the Switch? I kind of doubt that was Nintendo.

The release was supposed to be simultaneous so they would have had old versions of the build all along.

This is a shame. Stuff like this can really break a games sales potential. Ultimately the buck stops with Nintendo on the release of stuff on the eShop. Hope they can fix this for the developer.

Tue Apr 28 20 01:30pm
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Ultimately the buck stops with Nintendo on the release of stuff on the eShop.

This is not true. If the publisher gives the green light to make the game live on the eShop, it's not Nintendo's job to tell them no because the developer doesn't know about it. That's on the publisher, not Nintendo.

Tue Apr 28 20 04:46pm
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Yes the publisher gives NINTENDO the green light. The publisher doesn’t get to press the go-live button, Nintendo does.

There’s been a breakdown in communication from all parties. Nintendo included. If there isn’t a formal communication and confirmation between Nintendo, Publishers and Developers about the release date of a game on the eShop then there’s a process that needs revising.

Seriously doubt there was a breakdown in communication with Nintendo. The breakdown was between the devs and the publisher. Again, the publisher calls the shots here, not Nintendo.

Dam poor Mike Z. Anyway the game is excellent, so is Skullgirls so go buy it.


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