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RANDOM TIME! - Fan creates video game adaptation of LEGO Super Mario using Dreams on PS4

by nintendojam
29 April 2020
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With over 60+ hours of development time during the course of just 8 days, YouTuber Bearly Regal has created a video game adaptation of the LEGO Super Mario playsets!

Only the overworld has been created, and there are currently no plans to turn the project into a fully functional game, but the result is still highly impressive. Most of the world has been made using individual Lego bricks built within Dreams, and the craftsmanship that went into this is simply amazing. Dreams is a game available exclusively on PlayStation 4 that doubles as a development engine, allowing for anyone to create their own games. You can check out Bearly Regal's journey in the 6 minute long developmental process video above.

After some issues from Nintendo regarding their IPs being used for projects in Dreams, Sony has begun taking action and removing some of these levels. Since much creative liberty was put into this particular project, hopefully it's spared from deletion. If not, the beautiful concept and design will always be preserved in the form of this well-edited YouTube video.

LEGO has a history of releasing video games based on their licensed playsets, including Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and many others. Perhaps one day we will see an official video game based on the Super Mario Lego sets based on the Super Mario video game, in the form of LEGO Super Mario: The Video Game!