Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition's "Future Connected" epilogue to include a new battle system, map, and much more

Major content revealed for the expanded content

A download card for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition has popped up in Japan, and it actually reveals some pretty big details on the "Future Connected" expansion that we haven't heard yet. Check out a summary of the details on the card below.

- "a story that leads to the future"
- a new scenario featuring Melia
- a new map
- use the Nopon reinforcement army
- new battle system
- new way of tracking sidequests
- the ability to swap between original score and remastered soundtrack reconfirmed
- refined map system

Seems like Monolith Soft is really going all out on the extra content in this Definitive Edition. We'll get to take it all in in just a month from now!


Tracking sidequests was like the only major flaw the original had.
You had to basically walk up to every NPC to see if a new quest was available. That meant running through each settlement twice because of the day/night cycle. And you had to do that every time you progressed the main plot because of some timed sidequests.

New battle system? What? I don't want a new battle system, I want more of the original's. Xenoblade 2's combat was inferior to the original as far as I'm concerned and I hope the epilogue is nothing like it.

It'll probably tie in to commanding the Nopon that accompany you whatever it is.

Hm, that's a good point.

I just hope they kept XBC1's combat, maybe I am doing it wrong... but not a fan of the removal of being able to move and still auto-attack. Currently going through XBC2 and that is the one thing that really annoys me...

Fri May 01 20 02:08am
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That's one of my biggest gripes about XC2 as well, combat feels oversimplified.


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