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Luxury homeware brand Olivia's starts Animal Crossing: New Horizons interior design service, and you could be a paid consultant

Yes, you can make real-life money
by rawmeatcowboy
05 May 2020
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The popularity around Animal Crossing: New Horizons is greater than any other Animal Crossing before it, and brands are eager to get a piece of that pie. Countless fashion brands have tied their name to the game, celebrities are touting the title to reach a new audience, and now a luxury furniture company is starting a brand-new service for players.

Homeware company Olivia's has revealed an interior design service that Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can take advantage of. Olivia's says you can hire one of their consultants to "arrange a visitation to your Animal Crossing home, so they can help transform your ordinary space into a digital luxury retreat." Unfortunately, it's not clear if you have to pay real-world money to use this service.

What IS clear is that you can actually make some real-world money through this opportunity. Olivia's is looking to hire some New Horizons consultants who know their way around both the game, as well as the world of interior design. If you meet the criteria, you can expect to make up to £40 an hour for taking on consultant gigs. If you think you've got the chops and want to learn more about the deal, you can check out the full rundown here.