RUMOR - Retail version of Streets of Rage 4 on the way to Europe

Worth raging over

While Limited Run Games has already revealed and opened preorders for a physical version of Streets of Rage 4, it seems that another retail option is specifically in the works for Europe.

According to French journalist Joueur énervé, Europe will have the chance to snag a physical copy of Streets of Rage 4 through a Merge Games, who will most likely be doing a Signature Edition. Why hasn't Merge Games announced this yet? We hear that the announcement has been blocked until Limited Run Games' preorders are filled.

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Yes ! This is indeed true !


Apparently it will be officially announced tomorrow...!

Wed May 06 20 04:22am
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Okay, so this is anti-consumer as all hell. Why does one region's publisher have the power to prevent a publisher in another region from announcing a release in their region, especially way after the launch date of the game?

At least I bought the digital version because I assumed LRG would be the ONLY place to get a physical version of this game, and knowing of their business practices and overseas delivery fees I decided to go digital. Had I known EU would get its OWN physical release despite LRG already making one in the US, I would have just waited for that. Not to mention all the folks living in EU who actually went and ordered the LRG version because they wanted to pay all that extra money just so they could get this game physically, thinking there was no other way.

I had next to no sympathy towards LRG despite their core business model being great due to how they have handled things in the past, but preventing another publisher from announcing region-specific physical release just to drive their own sales is definitely a new low.

Yes if it turns out to be true, it's pretty cr*p on their part.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm in Europe and I bought dotemu's Wonder Boy digitally only to end up seeing it everywhere in shops a couple months after so I figured I would wait for Streets of Rage 4. I love these guys, I really want to support them but if there is an option for physical release, preferably in shops and not just to order because we're going through tough times for delivery in general, I'll definitely go for that.


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