This fan-made Animal Crossing presentation shows us all the quality-of-life features we've been missing

Nintendo, hire this man!

Since the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, millions of Switch owners have been enjoying Nintendo's beautiful island getaway package. While players are putting dozens if not hundreds of hours into the game, many have noticed and pointed out some missing quality-of-life features that would improve the overall gameplay experience. YouTuber Nick Ha has crafted a Nintendo Direct-style presentation to give us a taste of what Animal Crossing could be like with these additions and tweaks.

While absolutely worth the watch, the video is actually slightly frustrating since it's not official, yet it's so well put-together, realistic, and desirable. Hopefully a future update by Nintendo can provide at least some of these inclusions.


OMG, I almost turned on my Switch in my mid-work time to see these improvements in action... but then I realized it's fan-made :-(

I'm still on the fence on buying Animal Crossing, but if theres a 6 minute video on how to fix the game is it still worth it?

The approval rate of the game would be absolutely the same with those fixes.
I mean, you'd not change your opinion weather the game is good for you or not with these changes.

What it would make is being more enjoyable for those who already loves it.

It’s definitely worth playing. The changes in this video aren’t really “fixes”, it’s not a broken game; they’re just improvements on UI and design elements that take more steps than they really need to. The current set ups are irksome but never really frustrating- if you enjoy the game then the annoyances you inevitably develop the longer you play won’t stop you from wanting to carry on but you’ll definitely wish for a bit more streamlining!

So many little things that would honestly make such a huge difference to the enjoyment of playing.

Wed May 06 20 02:01pm
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I want every one of those changes. What really gets me is that Nintendo play-tested the game for who-knows-how-long and either the play testers weren't demanding these changes, or the game designers were denying them.

And personally, I'd also like them to streamline the process of writing letters to your neighbors. I try to write to each of them frequently to boost friendship, and the entire process is an absolute slog... even with a keyboard plugged in.

Maybe the rumored post office update will be true and things will get easier then.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all intentional to keep in line with the slow paced nature of Animal Crossing. Like they don’t want people to be able to do anything in the game at a fast pace. Admirable if that’s the case but short sighted and irritating too. The core gameplay has all the intention of a game designed to be taken easy covered; there’s no need for the menus and general QOL aspects to be slow as molasses to navigate too.


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