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Video Game Jazz Orchestra Debuts Super Mario 64 Album

A real toe-tapper!
by rawmeatcowboy
08 May 2020
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Materia Collective is pleased to present Hang on to Your Hat, a big band jazz album dedicated to Super Mario 64 marking the debut of the Video Game Jazz Orchestra. Comprised of Nashville's renowned world-class talent, the Video Game Jazz Orchestra is looking forward to covering a variety of games, starting with this iconic Nintendo classic composed by Koji Kondo. Hang on to Your Hat is brought to creative life by producer David Russell and a team of top-notch arrangers. Hang on to Your Hat is licensed and available digitally and in limited edition CD formats with a vinyl edition to follow in the coming months:

Hang on to Your Hat on All Stores

The track list for Hang on to Your Hat is as follows:

01. Hang on to Your Hat
02. File Select
03. Inside the Castle Walls
04. Bob-Omb Battlefield
05. Jolly Roger Bay
06. Stage Boss
07. Bowser in the Dark World
08. Dire Dire Docks
09. Koopa's Road
10. Koopa Battle
11. Ultimate Koopa

"Koji Kondo's foundational work for the field of videogame music in his Super Mario 64 soundtrack was already ripe with opportunity to be reimagined in the jazz idiom," comments lead arranger David Russell. "We thought there was no better time to celebrate these game music standards with these storied and incredibly diverse arrangements. Each of the arrangers on this album are at the top of their game, beautifully walking the line between honoring the original pieces and elevating them in a way that's never been heard before."

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