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“Iconic horror franchise” teased for Dead by Daylight, reveal coming May 26th, 2020

What horror icons are left?
by rawmeatcowboy
08 May 2020
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Looks like the asymmetric multiplayer horror title Dead by Daylight is about to add in another classic bit of licensed horror. The developers are teasing a reveal to celebrate the game's 4th anniversary, which will come on May 26th, 2020 at 2 PM ET. According to the dev team, players can expect to see an “iconic horror franchise” joining the game.

In celebration of four years of their hit asymmetrical horror game, Dead By Daylight, Behaviour Interactive has a little something for fans. That “something” includes a reveal of a new chapter with an iconic horror license set for May 26th at 2pm EST. Mathieu Côté, Game Director on Dead by Daylight and Product Evangelist for Behaviour Interactive, talked a bit more about the new content, which you can find below.

“We are quite excited to celebrate another amazing year in the history of Dead by Daylight. The game is always changing, always improving. We’ve brought you a lot of really cool stuff this year and next year will be even more intense. This last chapter is a very emotional milestone for us and we cannot wait to share it with you. Come join us as we celebrate year 4 of Dead by Daylight!”