Blue Fire dev discusses their team size and how long the game has been in the works

A small team working their butts off

Some games have hundreds and hundreds of developers cranking away on them, but others don't have that much manpower behind them. In an interview with Nintendo Life, Santiago Rosa, Co-Lead at Robi Studios, talked about the small team they have working on the upcoming Blue Fire.

Blue Fire was born about a year ago, give or take. At that time, it was just me and my brother Gabriel. We began pre-production for it while doing art outsourcing for other games and started to feel a great potential in the character, Umbra. Soon we decided to go all-in. We stopped our outsourcing work and started getting our actual team together. It's been several months now with all of us fully dedicated to Blue Fire. We're a solid team of 9 people constantly working to get Blue Fire up and running!

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