Former Battlefield, Tomb Raider, and Borderlands devs join Retro Studios

Big time talent joins the team

Retro may have some big job listings open right now, but the studio has been filing major roles as well. Three more devs have joined the team to help them create Metroid Prime 4 and whatever other titles await in the future.

Adad Morales, former Battlefield Hardline dev at EA’s Visceral studio, has joined Retro as the new VFX lead. Along with Morales is Bryan Erck, former Shadow of the Tomb Raider dev, and Nicholas Wilson, who previously worked on Borderlands. Both Erck and Wilson have been hired as senior VFX artists.

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I guess it's time to expect a lot of chromatic aberration in Metroid Prime 4 😔

I guess it's time to expect a lot of chromatic aberration in Metroid Prime 4 😔

Mon May 11 20 07:16pm
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and quicktime events... and elaborate cinema scenes...

I hope it's more minimalist and emerging narrative experiences like the original trilogy and BotW. Actually give me a 1st person Metroid that plays like BotW with more corridors.

They were hired as VFX artists. They won't affect the story or gameplay, just how it looks.

Yup, and those are some very nice looking games. No reason for pessimism here.

I guess the game is still ways away if they are still hiring.

Yeah, might be shaping up to be a Switch swan song. Definitely a huge undertaking making a big action-adventure game, and I'm sure there's a lot of pressure to live up to the standards set by the series so far.

I hope we get a new 2D Metroid to hold us over. Mercury Steam has been pretty quiet so it could be!


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