Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition to include a Time Attack mode

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The latest update from the Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles Twitter account has revealed that Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is going to include a Time Attack mode. You can read a full breakdown of what that mode includes below.

- more or less the equivalent of Challenge Battle mode from Xenoblade Chronicles 2
- defeat waves of enemies as quickly as possible
- the entrance for this mode is located in Colony 9, located right next to the Furnace
- when you pass through the entrance for this mode, you'll find Nopon Archsage waiting for you
- talk to him to select from a growing list of challenges, with more unlocked as you progress through the main story
- there are two types of challenges: Free and Restricted
- Free lets you choose which characters will be in your party, and there are no particular restrictions
- Restricted gives you challenges with specific restrictions (max. Level, fixed party members, etc.)
- when you've defeated all the enemies, your performance is evaluated based on various criteria (clear time, etc.)
- you will be given a rank, and a certain amount of Nopon Crystals based on that rank
- these crystals can then be traded for various rewards, such as equipment, gems, and more
- one of the rewards you can get are new costumes for the various party members, which you can see in the images below


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