RUMOR - Pikmin 3 Deluxe in the works for Nintendo Switch, coming ''soon''

At the end of VentureBeat's report on the new Paper Mario: The Origami King, the outlet mentions that ''other Nintendo studios will have games ready for release soon'. This includes the already rumored 3D Mario remasters as well as ''Pikmin 3 Deluxe''.

Earlier in the year, the rumors surrounding this title started to develop as the official Pikmin 3 site appeared to be gone. Back then, the speculation of an updated version was present, but not further built upon. A Deluxe version would entail new content, which is something that hasn't been rumored before. This could potentially mean new bingo maps, mission content or maybe even something deeper.

For what this is worth, this isn't the first time we heard about Pikmin 3 Deluxe. The new version has been in the works for a while, though a date has never been brought up. The VentureBeat report doesn't dive into this, nor the additional content that it will include.

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Hope so, Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D World are some of the last major Wii U games deserving another of another chance at life on a more successful system.

Thu May 14 20 01:22pm
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There's also Xenoblade Chronicles X

Very true. And I also loved the NES Remix games!

lol why why why. Give me anything else, please.

Thu May 14 20 12:40pm
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I'm starting to feel this way, too. After all, some of us bought the game on WiiU and don't want to buy it again, and would just prefer a new Pikmin. And on the other hand, it just makes so much sense to put it on Switch right now and get some more sales.

I guess I'd just like this to be announced alongside news of Pikmin 4.

Yeah, but if this follows the trend of adding a little bonus. I do wonder if they'll add online to the multiplayer. Pikmin would benefit from that, since it's not exactly pick up and play for local multiplayer.

my assumption would be no...mainly because they havent added online to Tropical Freeze, New Super Mario, etc.

Perhaps not, But the main difference with those examples is that the whole game was cooperative. In Pikmin 3 there are just a set of levels built around the multiplayer.

Still I agree, there's no precedent they would.

Perhaps it'll be just a tease of Pikmin 4, like the ones they've put in Zelda games with an artwork placed somewhere in the game.

Yeah, I was also thinking it may be easier to implement in a 2d space, less information to send...but I'm fairly sure it doesn't change much at all.

I'd definitely prefer Pikmin 4 considering how much time it's been at this point. haha When did we first hear about it?

Who can really know!? Mario Maker is 2D and it's embarassingly unplayable with more people. It doesn't matter the style and it's unclear just how much the blame was on the game itself versus the online infrastructure Nintendo uses.

Game devs maybe...well ones with online experience haha.

Mario Maker in multiplayer? It seems to run smoothly when I've played. Havent played too too much though.

Also, 1 or 2?

The second one, with randoms, four player. The level download is works as one would expect.

50/50 shot it's one of the four players or on Nintendo's side. maybe a bit more on the user side since there's four. Not that we'll ever really be able to know/find out.

If Nintendo makes no Digital Event, which is sad, I expect more surprise announcements such as today's Paper Mario releasing in a little over 2 months. Maybe Pikmin will also see a surprise announcement and another for the Mario remasters and 3D World, if the rumours are true, of course.

I feel like a purple pikmin. Should probably take all these rubber bands off my neck.

What kills me is knowing it will cost $60 for so little more content... :-/

At this point we all know what Pikmin and soon mean when put together...

pikmin 3 with the original payed DLC probably, but if we could get bingo battle online, I would soo play that and rebuy the game, otherwise a skip since pikmin 4 is "soon ready to go" or what it was years ago.

Thu May 14 20 01:55pm
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Drop Pikmin 3 and give an update on Pikmin 4.

Drop Metroid Prime Trilogy and give an update on Metroid Prime 4.

Drop Wind Walker HD and Twilight Princess HD and give an update on BOTW 2.

Drop the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Collection and announce Super Mario 64 HD.

Ride out the rest of 2020 with some good ports and set up 2021 to be a stellar year of AAA sequels.

And remaster Eternal Darkness please or may the rats eat your eyes.

YES to all of that. Maybe they could throw in a new 2D Metroid while they're at it.

I’d take a HD Super Metroid remaster, that is still done with sprites and not 3D like the Metroid 2 remake.

As with TW101 I will only double dip on this one if they add a LOT of new content. I have them both on the WiiU and I still have that little gem hooked up.

Now, I would really love to see a Pikmin 4. And other new games. ANd Bayonetta 3 footage, of course =) NEW games.

I'm ready to play more Bingo Battle!!

I wonder if this will release before Sadness

Oh Sadness....That was...Blooper Team or someone else? I can't recall.

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