Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto, the man behind a famous meme, is spending time playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The man, the meme, the legend

You may not know Hitoshi Matsumoto by name, but you certainly know him from his meme status. Matsumoto made meme history with the video above, which spread all throughout the world. In Japan, Hitoshi is known as part of the famous comedy duo Downtown, which has gained him millions of fans.

During the pandemic, Matsumoto has been keeping busy by playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Matsumoto confirmed the news on Twitter by discussing his recent purchase of the Animal Crossing guidebook. Showing just how far Matsumoto's reach is, his single tweet has over 200k likes.


I know him from HEYx3 and Do Not Laugh, but no mention of him and Miyamoto being friends~?


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