Nintendo adds StarFox Zero wallpapers to its free collection

Don't relax, we're not done yet!

Just yesterday, Nintendo shared a collection of free wallpapers featuring their biggest and best characters. Sadly, the StarFox gang was missing from that collection, but Nintendo has fixed that issue today. You can now grab 4 different wallpapers on Nintendo's site, which can be used for your desktop or as virtual backgrounds for your conference apps. Check out the selection here.

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I feel like they are reworking the controls for SFZ somehow to launch again. If Pikmin 3 turns out possible then so could anything.

Thu May 14 20 09:50pm
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They should expand the scope of the original release. Also add multiplayer.

With all that said, I can see the second screen gameplay going away but not the motion controlled aiming. That game can't be played with the reticle and ship moving witht he same analogue stick.

Fri May 15 20 03:15am
(Updated 1 time)

It could've worked if Nintendo had kept Wiimote support on Switch...

Too cluttered, that was also an issue on the Wii U. While IR doesn't require as much recentering, gyro can work.

With that said, multiplayer is something that could appeal much more for a Star Fox Zero rerelease. Since it'll be less troublesome to add than new levels. (Though I'll be open for them to add more training missions if possible).

Thu May 14 20 11:19pm
Rating: 1

I will again stress that Starfox on Switch is a good idea even if the genre is niche.


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