Nintendo continues to work on new mobile games, but wants to keep supporting current titles to expand the reach of their IP

Phoning it in

Nintendo has taken a different approach to mobile gaming since day one, and they're going to continue down that road for the foreseeable future. Nintendo's Shuntaro Furukawa said that Nintendo is working on new mobile games, but efforts to keep creating content for existing mobile titles is just as important. Nintendo wants to make sure people come in contact with their mobile games in order to spread the word of their various franchises in general. Check out the full statement from Furukawa below.

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Where is my Wario Ware Idle Game?

The Metroid mobile game is going to be weird.

I'll be honest, I've hated a lot of Nintendo's mobile games. Mario Kart, Pocket Camp, and that Mii-based one lost my interest so quickly... mostly because their monetization was predatory and awful.

Fire Emblem Heroes has bad monetization as well, but is still pretty fun after you figure out how to play for free. I would actually spend money on this game if it wasn't expensive Gachapon-style spending.

All Nintendo really needs is a Wario Ware game on mobile and just include microgames from other IPs.

This is the easiest way for Nintendo to get everyone exposed to all their IPs. And besides, Nintendo said it themselves that they would rather you buy their products over getting to their mobile games. So why bother expanding further IPs on mobile?

They are making mobile games of IPs that have commercial potential and bring new users to their consoles and games.

Wario Ware is a super niche game that only Nintendo fans enjoy.

So...no. God no.

Fire Emblem is also niche so what's your point?

And Wario Ware is actually worthwhile for mobile due to the way the games are made.


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