Ion Fury's framerate and inverse issues getting patched, Switch version includes a 60fps framerate option unlocked via the Konami code

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Ion Fury recently hit the Switch, along with other platforms. Unfortunately, it seems that all versions of the game are suffering from a framerate issue that is causing some stuttering. The issue is explained in great detail by Digital Foundry below.

“The game is basically stuttering at fixed intervals, producing something visually similar to bad frame pacing. … The issue relates to a timer. The engine uses a rather complex timer subsystem that differs from anything in a modern game engine. When working properly, the timer will increase by 2 with each new frame. The issue with this current build, however, is directly tied into this. At a fixed interval, the timer will lose this cadence, and you’ll have the counter increase by just 1, for 1 frame, then by 3 to compensate for the missed update. This only has an effect on the world update though – not the graphics rendering – which is why the weapon sprite updates at a full 60 frames per second (30 on Switch) all the time.”

A patch is in the works to fix this issue, although we don't know how soon it will release. That patch will also include support for inverted aiming as well.

Finally, while the Switch version of Ion Fury runs at 30fps, did you know that you can actually play 60fps if you want? All it takes is the player putting in the Konami code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A) at any point during gameplay!

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Sat May 16 20 06:01pm
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It is truly baffling that they would include an option to unlock the frame rate, but hide it behind a cheat code...instead of...you know...putting it in the options menu...

Sat May 16 20 09:57pm
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After trying the 60fps mode... it's a jittery mess. They probably don't want most players playing the game this way.

Although 30fps is kind of a bummer, the game still plays just fine. I doubt my 1996 Packard Bell was running Duke Nukem 3D at 60fps either. I'd choose gyro assisted aiming at 30 over no gyro aiming at 60, which is why I still went with the Switch version. If PS4 adds in gyro aim, I'd say go with that version though. Or PC over all of the consoles if you're into that. They nailed the gyro controls unlike most developers who attempt it. It's a joy to play with them.

I would have liked the patch to include 60fps but from what I've seen in the df video it doesn't seem like they will do it. Anyway no inverted controls is the one thing that is really baffling to me. I'm glad they are fixing it. Anyway the gyro reportedly works just fine so it kind of cancels out the issue if you intend to use motion controls. The df guy says they could use some more tweaking options which granted is always a good thing but I remember he did not like too much the motion controls in Doom 2016 already when I personally cannot imagine playing it in any other way. So it's going to be 30fps gyro controls switch version for me. I'm just waiting for the retail version with hopefully the stability patch included.

Mon May 18 20 12:10am
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I think you'll be really happy with the gyro assisted aiming in this. They were done even better than in Doom and Wolfenstein. Some options to change the sensitivity of the X and Y Axis independently would be great, but ultimately they are great. I wouldn't trade them for 60fps, personally. It baffles me that developers don't ever include the option in PS4 games. Makes so many games so much more fun to play.

Especially when you consider that this is first and foremost a pc fps. However great the dual stick controls can be made, you can still tell when an fps is made with controllers or solely with mouse/keyboard in mind. Ion Fury is one of those. Motion controls are going to be a real plus. There was no way I would trade motion controls for 60fps anyway, but thanks for reassuring me when it comes to this. I can't wait for my retail copy then !


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