Minecraft Dungeons, an isometric top-down game, was built in first-person

What a view!

Minecraft Dungeons is coming to Switch on may 26th, 2020, and it's going to provide a whole new gameplay experience for series fans. It does so using an isometric top-down viewpoint, which is a big change from Minecraft. In an internal interview with Mojang, we find out that even with the game's new perspective, the developers built it using a traditional Minecraft view.

Laura de Llorens (game and level designer): Yeah, we build it in first-person. So it’s a bit of back and forth between building things in vanilla and trying it out in the Dungeons perspective, making sure that all the rooms weave together nicely and that they make sense with each other.

Christian Berg (level designer): I think it’s important to know that after you build levels for a certain time, you’ll eventually get used to the measurements and distances between things, so you’ll know that “Alright, a pathway this wide or this tall will work, whereas one this tall or wide won’t” and what kind of geometry to avoid to not obscure the player with geometry and such.

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This releases in a week but I don't see it in the eShop's "coming soon" section. Was the Switch version delayed or something?


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