RUMOR: A Nintendo-exclusive skin might be heading to Fortnite on Switch

Nintendo X Epic?

Dataminers are constantly digging through Fortnite to see what content is on the way. The latest round of data discovered could point to an exclusive costume coming to Nintendo fans.

According to dataminers, a new ID was added to the game recently. It reads "Cosmetics.Source.Platform.Nintendo," which certainly seems like it's related to exclusive Switch content. Unfortunately, that's the only tidbit that dataminers have discovered so far.

It's hard not to think that this could tie in to that Kirby appearance in a Fortnite trailer lately. Was that just a happy coincidence, or a clever tease?

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Thu May 21 20 06:03am
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I'm calling it now, it's gonna be the most disturbing Tingle you've ever seen. I'm talking a Tingle so messed up that it makes the Hyrule Warriors Tingle look like Bradley Cooper.

Thu May 21 20 11:48am
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God I hope you're right. I'll never use another skin again if I can use a freakish rendition of Tingle.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'd buy it in a heartbeat!


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