Another wave of "code in box" Switch releases is on the way

Everyone's favorite type of retail release

Most Switch owners want to get a physical game card in a box when they're making a retail game purchase. Sometimes that's what happens, but other times we see publishers put out game boxes that include download codes inside. It's not exactly an option that makes fans happy, but it seems people are buying them, and it's certainly cheaper than manufacturing cards. That's why publishers keep doing it, and yet another round of "code in box" releases are on the way.

Retailers have been adding new listings for "code in box" releases lately, which gives us a new rundown of titles to watch out for. Here's a list of the latest games getting the "code in box" treatment. Keep in mind that the dates could be placeholders.

June 30th

- GRIP Combat Racing

Aug. 27th

- Harvest Life
- Piczle Bundle 3-in-1
- Furi
- Dragon Adventure
- Super Puzzle Pack

Sept. 30th

- Red Faction Guerrilla
- Titan Quest

Thanks to Sephiroth_FF for the heads up!

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This is infuriating in the extreme, and people who actually buy this insulting crap are just as much a problem as the cheapskate publishers.

Hey some people like having empty boxes/cases to display in their rooms...

Is Titan Quest the first Switch game to get a physical release AND a physical release with a download code?


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