NPD April 2020 - year-to-date dollar sales of Nintendo Switch highest in US hardware history

The NPD results for April 2020 are in, and not surprisingly, the Switch killed it yet again. The thing is, the Switch saw success on a whole new level this time.

According to NPD's Mat Piscatella, Switch was the best-selling hardware platform of April in both unit and dollar sales. Along with that, year-to-date dollar sales of Switch are the highest of any hardware platform in US history. Nintendo has stolen the record from themselves in this case, as the Wii was the previously record-holder for April 2009.

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Fri May 22 20 12:09pm
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Switch is a beast. The Wii was too,.but it crashed pretty hard in the end. I'm hoping switch becomes the best selling sonsole of all time

I'm not too hot on the Switch, but it would be nice to see something dethrone PS2. DS came pretty close - like within 1% - but fell a few hundred-thousand short.

It's a beast now for sure. I am deadly curious to see what Ninty will do after their competitors have gotten their new devices out. But very happy to see Nintendo back in the game =)

It might fly too close to the sun just like Wii if things don't kick into high gear next year. No console is 100% invincible.

It would need to keep selling 20 million units/year for another 5 years to do that. I don't see Switch selling at peak numbers for that long.

Fantastic news! The Switch is my favorite console since the SNES. I'm glad Nintendo is enjoying such success this time around!


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