Retailer who stated Metroid Prime Trilogy was coming to Switch back in 2018 updates their listing, now claims June 19th release

Second time's a charm?

Swedish retailer Inet.se started quite a ruckus back in 2018 when they shared a listing for the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch. At that time, they included a Feb. 2019 release date, which obviously didn't happen. When the retailer was reached for comment, they said they posted the info because they expected Metroid Prime Trilogy to be announced at that year's Game Awards.

Now we see that Inet.se is back at it again. The listing has been updated to remove mentions of the Game Awards from its "About" section, and now it shows a June 19th, 2020 release. While we would all love for that to be true, the retailer's shady past casts quite a bit of doubt.

Thanks to Sephiroth_FF and Dondom95for the heads up!

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I have no doubt it is ready. I believe at this point Nintendo is deciding when to release it balancing the development of Prime 4 and how to keep 2020 without too few releases. But June seems "too soon". we've already got Xenoblade in May, Clubhouse games in June and Paper Mario in July. I can see it being released in August though.

The only way it could be released in June is if they had already planned to surprise release it during E3 somehow. That's all I could imagine it would be so soon.

Yes Nintendo is well known to have games release at a date less than a month before announcing it, a scenario in which they would have to ship games to the retailer before announcing the game in the first place. They do that constantly.

In this scenario, I wouldn't be surprised if it was digital only.

Not only has Nintendo had no issues distributing games outside of Ring Fit for obvious reasons, but I would find it odd a digital only game would already have a listing on a retailer AND not specify its digital only.

The reason I say so is if they have it planned for a surprise release like they do during a Direct, then it'll probably be digital only. But if it's a 2 week window, then physical will it'll have a physical version.

Mon May 25 20 02:47pm
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Nintendo needs more than a two week window to announce a physical release because things like this happen if they wait until then. Nintendo always gives release dates a month at a bare minimum but normally at least 2.

Also they don't need to shadow drop Metroid. Shadow drops are for games that might struggle with traditional marketing, demos, and DLC. Metroid is big enough for television marketing and there isn't even a Direct coming soon for them to do that with. And again, if it was digital only why would it be on a physical retailer website?

Just saying. If rumour is to be believed and it is coming out in June, then your statement wouldn't hold true cos there wouldn't be enough time for a physical release. So I'm just basing my conjecture on the rumours that say it's coming out in June. Stranger things have happened though, I guess.

I would be.
I really expect them to make a physical version.

Between Xenoblade, Pikmin, 3D world, and Super Mario All Stars 2 this year is full of remakes/ports. Very little in new content. Of course There could be stuff we don't know about. And outside of Nintendo fansites like this these would be new games to the majority of Switch owners.

To be fair, everything after Xenoblade you listed is unconfirmed rumour.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Nintendo riding out 2020 on the back of some great ports but right now they’re mostly wishful thinking.

If this is actaully a thing and it does not have motion controls, I'm out.

Meh, Trilogy controls made Prime 1 and 2 worse imo. Best thing to do would be to import Federation Force's gyro controls. It's the best of both worlds.

Sun May 24 20 04:55pm
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I have Prime 1 on GC and the Trilogy on WiiU... ANd I must disagree there (Never played Prime 2, though). Personally got way better immersion from it. But to each their own, of course. Never played Federation Force, so I can't chime in on that one.

I like how, with the GC controls, holding R + control stick was an instant turn with minimal movement. With the Wii Remote, it takes more work to move the Wii Remote (even with Advanced settings), and if you are also out of the sensor bar's range, you will be sol. With lock-on being a thing for these games, I never found a point for needing to aim while moving because it's clear that they built the games (not Prime 3 of course) around it.

Hehe. You just made me feel like to compare the two =) But don't have time for that now. But what are the controllers for FC?I still wouldn't play the Prime series without motion, though.

Sun May 24 20 03:07pm
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This leaked in 2018, its 2020 now so I have no doubt the leak was fake.

The second time the boy cried Wolf is more like it.

I can’t keep holding on to this hope, it is tearing me apart!

Sun May 24 20 06:36pm
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I can’t let myself get my hopes up. Of all the ports Nintendo could do, this is one of the few I care about. If they do it I hope they don’t half ass it. I don’t expect an extensive reworking like Xenoblade (although it would be nice.) Bring it to HD, maybe clean up some textures, and for gods sake please bring back Prime 1’s title screen and menu. It was amazing and its omission was Prime Trilogy’s biggest sin.

Mon May 25 20 01:03am
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The intro was perfect, and the soundtrack Sad
I still carry the soundtrack on my car usb, never gets old.

You got that right. Amazing game.

I just hope there isnt any forced motion controls. Make them optional and just give me dual analog.

We have been in this place before.

And we will be in this place again.

Time is a flat circle. (@_@)


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