Xenoblade Chronicles - Wii Vs. New 3DS Vs. Switch comparison

I think we have a clear winner here

We know that Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is the best-looking version of the game, but just how much better is it? Check out the video above to see a comparison of the Switch version to the Wii original, and the New 3DS port.


Is like going to the oculist. Though it could always get sharper.

The interior shot reminded me of Skyward Sword, since I may be misremembering but that game look a bit sharper despite the standard definition.

Damn the game is 720p docked?

Wooow.... man, Monolith sure did a great job! I hope they have plans for Xenoblade Chronicles X too, just a simple port would work!

Mon May 25 20 02:43am
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Why does it seem like everything on Switch has a sickly green tint applied to it?

In all honesty, I think the Wii original has a much nicer title screen, the colours are simply better, also the brighter sun glinting off the Monado and the stronger bloom as it goes to sunset is prettier and more dramatic, the blues at night are more striking, it all just looks better balanced.

They must have been so happy to see their vision get so upgraded. They really went to town with the HD blades of grass.


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