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Check out all the Switch games announced in the Wholesome Direct - Indie Game Showcase 5.26.2020 presentation

Awww, so cute!
by nintendojam
27 May 2020
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Wholesome Games aired a "Wholesome Direct" yesterday, where over 50 cute and cozy indie games were announced. While not all of them will be coming to Switch, there is definitely a good handful of them that are! Reddit user Number224 has compiled all 18 of the reveals in the presentation with a confirmed Switch release. Check out the full list below!

Errand Boy
Little Witch in the Woods
When the Past Was Around
A Space for the Unbound
Weaving Tides
A Fold Apart
Later Daters
Pushy and Pully in Blockland
Onsen Master
Roots of Pacha
Alchemic Cutie
Orange Island

Some reveals in the Wholesome Direct lacked platform announcements, so even more of the titles you saw in the presentation might be coming to Switch in the future.