Limited Run Games open to more 3DS releases depending on the success of the Atooi Collection

The pressure is on!

As we shared quite some time ago, the Atooi Collection for 3DS is seeing a physical release courtesy of Limited Run Games. While we're still waiting on a release date, it does seem like one should be sneaking up soon.

Seeing Limited Run Games offer up a 3DS retail release has some owners wondering if more 3DS games are in the works. It seems that Limited Run is open to the idea, but it all depends on how well Atooi Collection does. Check out their statement on the matter below.

If the Atooi Collection physical release on 3DS is successful, we hope to do a few more 3DS releases. Keep your eyes peeled for more information! We won't be announcing a release date until we know when the game will be in-hand.

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Wed May 27 20 09:08pm
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Limited Run usually does open pre-orders for weeks, but not in this case. The carts will be pre-manufactured in a few thousand units and go on sale, just like Super Rare operates today. How will success be measured then? By how fast the game sells out? As far as I am concerned, only one batch will be on sale, regardless of how it sells.

Ehhhhh. Region Locked. That's all I'm going to say.

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