BioShock: The Collection gameplay footage and Xbox 360/PS4 comparisons

Seeing how the Switch versions shape up

BioShock: The Collection is now available...depending where in the world you live. We've seen a few gameplay videos so far, but now we're getting into the real analysis. Check out more action below, including comparison to versions of these games that appear on PS4 and Xbox 360.

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Thu May 28 20 09:32pm
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Thank god these look like good ports, I’ve had the collection pre-ordered since early this month and got increasingly concerned about the state of these versions considering we’ve seen nothing on them until now. 30fps is a shame but that’s what the originals ran at; honestly just having Bioshock running as well as it did on 360 on a handheld is nuts to me. The novelty of having games that were once top tier on last gen consoles on a handheld still hasn’t worn off for me- doubt it ever will!

Late to the party but at least looking decent.


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