Amazon France adds a placeholder listing for a game from Konami on Switch

Is Konami working on something?

Amazon France just can't stop! First they hit with a big wave of placeholder titles from big-name devs and pubs, then add in four more that are specific to Nintendo themselves, and now they're back with another listing! This time around, they've added a placeholder for a Konami title that is coming to Switch.

As usual, this listing doesn't contain any actual information on the game, its release date, or anything else. All we can see is that it's tied to Konami, and it's pegged for Switch release.

Thanks to Nintendalerts and Sephiroth_FF for the heads up!

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We know they have a new Bomberman game in development. It could be that.

When did they say this?

Tokyo Game Show 2019

Oh I totally missed that then

I suppose it makes sense. Everything Konami releases on Switch seems to do incredibly well.

Contra Rouge Corps did not do incredibly well on any platform.

Fri May 29 20 05:32pm
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I already forgot that existed. lol

I'm going to pretend it's Silent Hill even though I know it won't be.

I'm doing the same for Castlevania.


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