Saber Interactive says Switch owners will be "surprised at some of the upcoming titles"

Get hyped!

Alright, gang...we've got some news to be legit hyped about. Saber Interactive, a company that has handled a number of Switch projects over the years, is drumming up some excitement for games to come.

In an interview with WCCFTech, Saber Interactive founder and CEO Matthew Karch flat-out teased surprising games in the works for Switch. It does seem that Karch is talking about games from multiple teams, and not just Saber.

We are big fans of the Nintendo Switch and feel there is still a lot of great potential in the hardware and the platform. We have had enormous success so far, launching many titles on the Switch, and we are continuing to develop for the platform. We do feel there is more developers can get out of the Switch hardware, and we think fans will be surprised at some of the upcoming titles for it.

Of course, we don't have an inkling as to what these games will be, but it's certainly exciting to think about what could be on the horizon!

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I would like a Witcher 2 Port/remaster. With all those skus listed recently maybe publishers will finally be releasing their big PS4/Xbox One titles on Switch.

Cyperpunk 2077 here we gooo

Man I hope they are porting over GTAV finally..

Maybe not out of the realms of possibility for Saber given how they’ve been working with 2K already!

I'm looking forward to King of Fighters XV, but i guess that wouldn't really be a surprise.


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