Castlevania animated series executive producer talks about the show's gore, and what's coming in season 4

Blood and guts for a reason

While the Witcher has been a runaway success for Netflix, it's not the only game adaptation that's bringing in the viewers. Castlevania has been going strong for three seasons now, and fans are still clamoring for more.

One thing viewers have noticed is just how intense of the show's gore can be. In an interview with AWN, executive producer Kevin Kolde explains why the show takes that approach.

“With Castlevania, that gore can make the story more real. You don’t want it to be gratuitous, but it’s a brutal world we’re trying to show with realistic people and their children and how they’re impacted by these events. Things like that absolutely needed to be in there.

It’s a strange thing to say, but it’s one of the reasons we didn’t hold back in the show with violence or content. We never said, ‘Oh, we can’t do this because it’s animation.’ We treated it more like an action show and there’s so many dark themes and visuals in an action show, so why wouldn’t we do the same with Castlevania? That’s what gives this show its popularity. There were very few moments where we said, ‘No we can’t do this, it’s too much.’”

While there's sure to be more blood and guts in the series' future, it's the storylines with characters that people are most interested in. For those who are eager to see what comes up in season 4, Kolde was willing to share this tidbit.

"We have the challenge of bringing together all the things we set in motion at the end of Season 3 and also wondering how we’re going to top this last finale in Season 4. We’re pretty sure people are going to be happy with the new season.”

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Sat May 30 20 06:33pm
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The violence was a little shocking at first because the games aren’t particularly violent. But it makes sense given its roots in gothic horror. When you’re talking monsters, they should be doing monstrous things.

After that pilot from the director, I'm kinda rolling my eyes.

I don't mind the gore, but it isn't actually necessary, and it doesn't make anything more realistic. It certainly fits well with their product, but I do think some of it has been unnecessary and even kinda immature.

The show is fun though. I have plenty of quibbles with it, mostly after season one, but it's fun. I kind of hope we get a more dark & romantic (victorian meanings), elegant variant of Castlevania one day. Something that doesn't mind reveling in the games as much as it is its own thing.

Sailor Moon Crystal did a great job with darker elements and psychological stuff from the manga, and I'd love the equivalent of that for Castlevania. Something like SMC meets VHD: Bloodlust.

I want to see the Devil May Cry show


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