NES Omnibus Vol. 1 (A-L) Deluxe Hardcover Book Hits Kickstarter, Base Funding Already Achieved

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Welcome to the Kickstarter for The NES Omnibus: The Nintendo Entertainment System and Its Games, Volume 1 (A–L)! Featuring a robust, hugely entertaining, 1,200-word foreword by The Goldbergs creator and producer Adam F. Goldberg, The NES Omnibus Vol. 1 (A-L) is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed two-volume SNES Omnibus set.

Like those books, this one will be well over 400 pages, feature more than 2,000 full-color photos and more than 220,000 words, and boast the writing of numerous industry pros and personalities who tell their nostalgic stories (some funny, some sad, all memorable) of playing games on the respective Nintendo console.

Usually I'd tell you about how much the Kickstarter needs to be a success, but the funding goal was already hit! It was sitting at just $2k, so it's no surprise to see the goal hit so quickly. With 26 days to go on the Kickstarter, there's still plenty of time to drop some cash on it and secure your copy. Check out the full Kickstarter here.

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I really wanted to get this...until I saw the shipping was more than the cost of the book itself. $60 USD to Canada. I like supporting Kickstarters but that shipping cost is way, way too high.

Great Kickstarter if you're in the US since shipping's only $15 USD there, but insanely high outside of the US.


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