Amazon France adds a second placeholder listing for a Take-Two game on Switch

The listings keep coming

I swear, we're going to have to make a tag soon for just Amazon France news. The site just won't stop!

After the litany of listings from Amazon France for multiple unnamed/unannounced Switch games, they've now thrown yet another on the pile. Today we get a second listing for a Take-Two Interactive game on Switch. As usual, no details about the game are included in the placeholder listing.

Either Amazon France is gearing up for the wave of games that would have been revealed/discussed at E3, or they're going out of their way to fill their site with false info!

Thanks to Sephiroth_FF for the heads up!

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I'm not familiar with most of their lineup; outside of sports & racing titles, what's likely?

Sun May 31 20 02:19am
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Ita definitely a lot harder to say since Switch just go Xcom, Borderlands, and Bioshock, all Take-Two games, so the only other new games I can think of are Mafia remasters or the new Xcom game. But chances are its just multiple SKUs for NBA 2K21.

Rockstar is also a subsidiary of Take Two

This is kind of confusing, because they don't publish under the Take-Two name as far as I'm aware and only under 2K Games or Rockstar publishing labels. It makes me wonder if it is a legitimate listing because of that or just someone adding things frivolously.

These listings shouldn't be public to begin with. "2k" is yes a division of the company but also a public label. It's very possible internally they just use Take Twos name because that's the actual company they are interfacing with and it's a placeholder. Not that these labels aren't suspicious for other reasons


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