Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Dodo Airlines now offering Item Delivery and Liquidation services

Two new, helpful services

Some new features have been added to the Dodo Airlines service in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Players can now take advantage of both Item Delivery and Liquidation features.

With Item Delivery, when you visit a mystery island or Harv’s island, you can talk to Wilbur and have him send some of the items you've collected home in order to clear up some inventory space. Along with that, you can use the Liquidation feature to exchange items you don't want for Bells.

Thanks to Jacktendo64 for the heads up!


It's a really good new feature to have, and I appreciate it.

Still a lot more features I hope will be added... I especially want non-island-representatives to be given the privileges that island representatives have.

Did the Wedding Season Event.
Talked to Dodo about "Delivery and Liquidation"
Fired up a Mystery Island Tour
Collected stuff
Talked to Dodo

Not seeing an option for Delivery or Liquidation. Did I miss something?

Tue Jun 02 20 12:13pm
Rating: 1

Your experience is the same as mine and other players. It turns out they've really only enabled the feature from Harv's island, and supposedly they're going to enable it for Mystery Island Tours later (I hope!)


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