Modders continue to improve Super Mario 64's fan-made PC port

Looking good, Mario!

We shared a look at the reverse-engineered port of Super Mario 64 to the PC, which was impressive enough on its own. Well, fans were quite impressed with it, but Nintendo was not. Nintendo set out to scrub the internet of any links to download the unofficial port, but copies are still managing to find their way around the internet.

Some of those copies are falling into the hands of modders. These modders have decided to take the stellar work of the original fan-made port and continue to improve it. The biggest change thus far has been a complete revamp of Mario's model, which you can see above. The mod makes Mario look a lot closer to how he appears in games today, but still with some N64-style nods. Overall, it's definitely a marked improvement!

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What I'd loe to see more than that, is full game mods, in the style of romhacks, but without the technical limitations of the N64 limiting what can be done in them. You could make great fan-made 3D mario games that play and feel like SM64.

This isn't an improvement. Give me 10-polygon Mario any day

When you show this stuff, you know the first thing that always happens right?

- All those polys for the nose, individual fingers
- Segmented knees.



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