Alchemic Cutie's seasons detailed

The reason for the season

Alchemic Cutie, from the talented development team of Viridian Software + Vakio (formerly Vakman) recently featured in the Wholesome Direct Indie Game Showcase. The team also shared a major update on the game’s world, and here at CIRCLE we wanted to share that with you.

Alchemic Cutie is a relaxing adventure RPG set on colorful Wimba Island; while taming wild jellies you’ll meet villagers, enter jelly competitions and uncover the secrets of the island. The team is producing a story and quests that will be as memorable as the setting.

Confirmed in the Wholesome Direct Indie Game Showcase was the introduction of seasons; these will be 28 in-game days each and will have notable impacts on the environment. New areas will be accessible depending on the season, and each period is designed to be appealing and fun to play. The goal is for players to enjoy each transition through Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

As the seasons progress, different Jellies, resources, items and quests will appear on Wimba Island.

Each season lasts 28 in-game days, with different types of weather and climate changing the environment around you; with new areas becoming accessible. It will hopefully affect your overall mood too.


Some days may be rainy others sunny but every spring day gets the jellies in a good mood. Lots of plants start to regrow during this season.


Warm and lazy, still makes everyone go crazy for sunbathing and Jelly swimming competitions. Time to shine swimming Jellies!


Moody afternoons while walking through the forest, relax to the sound of water running and Jellies goofing around. Expect some foggy mornings during this season!


So cold it will make you want to stay home enjoying some hot chocolate and Jellie cuddles by the firepit. Some water areas will freeze over and give you access to new areas (with new Jellies!).

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