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I love that the second comment is someone complaining about the National Dex, and then that person is promptly told to **** off. 😆

Standing ovation for Pokémon Company to do this.

pratt trap
Wed Jun 03 20 07:34pm
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Pokémon’s decision here matters more than my opinions of their most recent games

Of which I will now be purchasing all of them.

I love that the second comment is someone complaining about the National Dex, and then that person is promptly told to **** off. 😆

Standing ovation for Pokémon Company to do this.

For what? How is their money going to stop oppression? When has that money stopped oppression before?

Wed Jun 03 20 09:50pm
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I am so, so tired of seeing people nitpick and question every step in the right direction every person or entity makes (especially when they offer no alternatives of their own). Pokemon Company isn't going to singlehandedly end racial inequality or police brutality, but that doesn't mean they need to be shat on for making a contribution toward that goal.

If you see action being taken to promote justice and your only response is to complain about it, you're not the good guy.

Wed Jun 03 20 10:13pm
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Why isn't money going to people who've lost their loved ones during these riots?
Why isn't money going to people who've got their buildings & businesses broken into?
I do know money can help rebuild those livelihoods affected by these awful riots that BLM & NAACP are doing _nothing_ to stop. Where do you see statements from these companies that encourage for rioting & violence to stop? You don't.
I don't know how money promotes justice, because people have been donating to these orgs for years, such as the shooting in Parkland Florida & these "problems" are still very well apparent. Donating money wasn't going to prevent murder, & I don't see _anybody_ who is coming out to say it was right for Floyd to die.

Wed Jun 03 20 10:47pm
Rating: 2

You seem to think these organizations will receive the money and laugh all the way to the bank. I suggest you look into what these organizations do.

What would giving money to the victims do? Would it bring their loved ones back to life? Would it bring justice? Would it make their pain and suffering go away, or be worth the while? NO. But still, there are plenty of people and organizations providing money and support to victims and their families. If that's really what you're worried about, then rest assured. Better yet, do it yourself. Don't just sit in a chair and whine about how someone else didn't do it the way you think it should be done. Believe it or not, for issues as complex as these, there is no single, simple solution. Even if there was, you are not the arbiter of what that solution is.

Be and do the change you want to see in the world. Complaining about Nintendo's donation is absolutely worthless.

I don't know why you think TPC should give money to individuals and not orgs that help solve these problems, but as far as businesses and their buildings go? That's what insurance is for. You'd be surprised at how many companies don't care because it just means more money in their pocket. Capitalism really has some of you warped when it comes to human lives and acting how the people in power want.

Wed Jun 03 20 11:20pm
Rating: 3

"When has that money stopped oppression before?"

Historically most oppression around the world has been stopped by the oppressed removing their oppressors from positions of power.

That sort of thing usually requires either money (end of apartheid in South African) or arms (American Revolution) and "Pokemon donates 100,000 guns to BLM" would be a muuuuch weirder headline.

well at least they did one think right this year

Wed Jun 03 20 09:02pm
Rating: 4 (Updated 2 times)

So civil rights organizations are making money hand over fist for encouraging violence & terrorism while people in these neighborhoods fear for their livelihoods and get their buildings and businesses destroyed. Zero class. Why not donate to the families of these unfortunate people instead & help undo the carnage of the awful riots that don't accomplish jack?

Thu Jun 04 20 06:51am
Rating: 2

We appreciate all the reports about this post, and while it may not be a popular opinion, it's not technically breaking any rules nor is it uncivil. We'll not be taking any action against this post or user, but will if anyone wants to be uncivil or retaliate.

Thu Jun 04 20 03:45pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

It just seems like it's helping spread more slander. I don't know how calling civil rights orgs terrorists wouldn't creep into hate speech, especially given the times.

Someone else's comment in a similar article was edited for calling out commenters making some negative, untrue and relatively hateful comments. It feels like it's weird that people can make sweepingly negative generalizations like this, but a comment calling out these kind of comments was edited just the other day. I could be mis-remembering, but it just feels like a double standard right now.

As long as Cortjezter is in charge of what stays, this sort of thing will never "actually violate the rules." Clear what his views are.

I'm sure I'll be instantly permabanned for this, which again shows you everything you need to know about Cortjezter's opinion of "what's civil."

I hope you are not advocating for censorship just cause you don't like another persons viewpoint.

Wed Jun 10 20 09:54am
(Updated 1 time)

I'd say calling citizens "terrorists" because white supremacists are burning things and trying to blame it on peaceful protestors isn't civil. I live in the Twin Cities: they just found the guy who burned the 3rd police precinct and it was a white supremacist stealing guns and riot armor so he could attempt to loot a Home Depot. Yet that was one of the main things prompting so many to call all the protestors "thugs" and label the protests "riots." So if you *believe* random innocent people are "terrorists" because that's what white supremacists want you to believe, I don't think that's civil, no. Calling innocent people terrorists and those excersing their constitutional rights "rioters" is slanderous, rude, and also rather predictable.

I'm not holding my breath for apologies from all those who blamed the protestors for the actions of the white supremacist dude stealing riot gear and police weaponry who burned down the precinct to cover his tracks (unsuccessfully) because... I'd prefer not to suffocate.

You seem to have a lot to say about the "violence and terrorism" of the riots. What about the "violence and terrorism" that is sponsored and encouraged by local, state and federal government policies. Violence and terrorism that have hounded a specific set of people for literally hundreds of years. Afro-Americans have been peacefully protesting for years. And MLK got assassinated for his troubles. Why not speak about the cause of these riots rather than trying to blame the people for reacting? I'm not in support of damaging property but that's what you get when people are constantly being pushed against the wall. And just so you know, there enough proof out there showing that the people starting and inciting the destruction have nothing to do with the protests. And lo and behold, in all the footage I've seen, they are all white, dressed like their about to head into a sand-storm just to hide their identity. I hope that we can see meaningful change without any further violence but unfortunately, history seems to paint a different picture.

Wed Jun 03 20 11:23pm
Rating: 2

I am totally enamored by this.

I felt it was a bit "convenient" and "trendy" for several video-game companies to all of a sudden, chime in on the death of George Floyd and the several injustices in the black community.

I'm glad to see the Pokemon Company is not just talking the talk,.

Hopefully, we can see more of this to come soon from other developers and video-game companies.

Wed Jun 03 20 11:55pm
Rating: 1

You should check out Niantic's walk!

Ubisoft, EA, Nintendo, Square-Enix, Niantic, and now Pokemon Company have been walking the walk and donating money.

Thu Jun 04 20 03:18am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

The whataboutism is off the charts with some people.


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