Sakurai says he's afraid to talk about games he's currently playing, as he knows it will lead to Smash Bros. character speculation

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Sakurai's latest column in Famitsu focuses on why he hardly ever talks about the games he's playing. We all know Sakurai is quite the avid gamer, so why doesn't he open up? Read all the details from the feature below, translated by PushDustin and Sephazon.

- Sakurai says he's playing more games than usual while he's home
- Sakurai says he's afraid to talk about the games he's playing, as he knows people will think he's hinting at Smash characters
- Sakurai also doesn't write about the games he's playing on Twitter for the same reason
- Sakurai even holds back on appearing on various programs in order to avoid speculation on Smash characters

Sakurai also took a minute to give an update on what it's been like working from home. He says he's going through a trial and error phase with working from home to see what works out best.


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Thu Jun 04 20 01:03am
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Working From Home confirmed for Smash?

Damn, no need to censor yourself over fan speculation. Speculation will happen regardless, live your life Sakurai. 😂

Could be worse. Doesn't Ninty bar Miyamoto from talking about his hobbies in general or something because they inspire so many of his games?

Thu Jun 04 20 01:03am
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Working From Home confirmed for Smash?

I think this is a hint that he's adding a character thats not from a video game, as he is leading the conversation away from video games. Shrek or Goku confirmed???

I just finished Yakuza Kiwami and I'd love to have Kiryu-san in Smash Smile

Thu Jun 04 20 10:11am
(Updated 2 times)

Sadly that's an extremely long shot. The Yakuza devs don't want to develop for Nintendo platforms with their sole releases for a Nintendo platform being Yakuza 1 and 2 for Japanese Wii U systems (SEGA never picked these up for western release due to the commercial failure of the Wii U).

Yakuza has long been primarily a Playstation series. The only chance Kiryu could have for Smash is if the Yakuza devs relent and make a Yakuza collection for Switch that actually releases worldwide instead of being left Japanese exclusive like the Yakuza 1 and 2 Wii U games.

I agree it is highly unlikely, but there is hope. They are putting the Yakuza games on Xbox (it's a start) and if I'm not mistaken, the next one will release simultaneously on both systems. Also, Cloud came to Smash long before we got FF7 on the system.
I'd love to get the Yakuza games on the Switch and with the series increasing in popularity and the Switch selling well, it's possible Smile

Thu Jun 04 20 04:14pm
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Oh man, Kiwami is so good. Kazuma Kiryu has been and will always be my dream pick for Smash, the dude is such a legend. It's a long shot for sure, but hey I'll keep dreaming for that invitation to reach the Dragon of Dojima.

That said If you want to watch Kiryu and Majma interact with various video game characters (Including a few smash representatives) they are both playable in the often overlooked Project X Zone 2 on 3DS.

My two dream picks are Kiryu-san and Professor Layton. There's always hope Smile

I never managed to find a copy of either Project X Zone to purchase, unfortunately. But now I have a reason to look for them again :D

Thu Jun 04 20 03:39am
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Of course he has to watch what he does or says because the constant internet backlash from absolute morons is strong.

Take the photo from the article, people speculated that Waluigi was confirmed, raged online and in protest have stopped playing the game because they got caught up in their own collective idiocy.

100% agree.

Sometimes OTHER developers who have nothing to do with Nintendo, will have their tweets and game information taken as Smash Bros speculation, like Dante from Devil May Cry.

You're close, but in Smash Bros communities, this picture actually confirmed Skull Kid from Zelda. The chairs referenced the color of his fairies, the pillows reference his color palette. I am legitimately not making any of this up and it was actually hotly debated.

Thu Jun 04 20 05:48am
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You're pulling my leg...


What if Sakura set up certain colours etc to monitor the pure speculation from fans? And then laughed at the ridiculousness of the idiotic comments and the pathetic debates and the unfounded anger when all they are are two coloured chairs?


No. I am 100% serious. Before K. Rool was revealed, the previous Smash info had Sakurai in a room with some rope art and barrels, so when K. Rool was revealed, people took the room and the "pirate/nautical theme" in it as having been a hint, along with other hints like a tweet of him saying his eyes were red, a turn of phrase for being tired to any normal person, also hinting K. Rool, so people tore apart every detail of ever little thing he did. So the room colors here, no Skull Kid Assist having been shown yet, and the focus on the moon for a moment in the Simon trailer all meant Skull Kid was confirmed.

I really, one last time, want to emphasize I am making none of this up.

You know conspiracy theorists see what they want to see and then apply "evidence" to prove themselves correct, right?

This behaviour is incredibly unhealthy.

But people will believe whatever they wanna believe and ignore the facts to the contrary.

(and for the record two coloured chairs are not facts. Sakura admitting the chairs were intentionally placed to represent Skull Kid, that would be a fact).

I hear ya. I browse Smash Bros forums occasionally to see what kind of crazy stuff people are convinced of, and its both entertaining and very sad at the same time. I dont stay long, though, because those communities get very hostile very quickly.

Oh yeah, that also reminded me of another similar dumb theory I saw from SSBU's dev. I remember people noticing in E3 vids/other social media showings that Sakurai looked more tired than normal, and he had a red eye as a result.

...So I kid you not, when K Rool was rumored/announced for the game, people were deadset that Sakurai somehow deliberately made himself wornout/bloodshot to tease K Rool. That's by far the most absurd of all of them and I don't think such insanity could be topped. It's plain as day the dude's tired AF from overworking himself on the game and while I'm glad others are hoping he takes a break after this game is done, it's still sad to see people now and then think he's the smash indie dev who does nothing else in life

That's kind of sad honestly. He must have a love hate relationship with Smash Bros haha

I think he's right to do. But if I were him I would tell people I was playing some really weird games.

OMG! Sakurai appeared on GoNintendo! RMC for Smash incoming!


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