The identity of Pokemon Sword and Shield's Ball Guy has been revealed...partially

I'm the ball guy, duh!

Ball Guy's identity has been a huge mystery since the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield in November 2019, and the latest episode of the Pokemon Twilight Wings anime may have given us a slight peek at who the unearthly creature actually is. Sitting in front of a coffee shop, you can very briefly see the back of a blond man's head, clearly wearing the same red and grey outfit as Ball Guy. He's even holding the iconic mascot head in front of him, unless it's just an unusually large Pokeball.

The mystery of Ball Guy continues, but at least we know he's blond...and human.

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Immediately reminded me of Coach Sasabe from Free! and I honestly don't know why.


I don't like that they did this. Ball Guy is a professional, he wouldn't be seen like that

Ball Guy can never die....only the actors who portray him!


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