Animal Crossing: New Horizons hits 10+ million digital units sold

This island is getting crowded!

Famitsu has shared a new stat on the worldwide downloads of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. According to their feature, the game has managed to move over 10 million units via the Switch eShop. Famitsu doesn't say just how far over the 10 million mark the game is, but 10 million by itself is still an impressive figure, especially in such a short amount of time.

Back on May 7th, Nintendo announced that Animal Crossing: New Horizons managed to sell over 13 million units in the first 6 weeks of sale. That figure included both retail and digital numbers, but the specific split was not shared. There's no doubt the game has continued to sell like crazy since then. We need Nintendo to share an updated tally to see just how much the game has grown since then!


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Tue Jun 09 20 05:46pm
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Added spoiler tags for the podcast.

Tue Jun 09 20 05:46pm
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Added spoiler tags for the podcast.

Oooo...this is a good one. I can definitely see it happening

Should be on the Ubongo board!

Man, I feel like I should hide your comment just so Nicky Hill doesn't see it! I think you're going to be spot-on.

He'll say something like, "10 million doesn't sound like a lot. I thought this game was selling like crazy." I'll once again say that it's the digital number, and he'll reply as he usually does...by saying he wasn't listening.

OK. What story flew past me here? Care to enlighten me? =)

Aside from a pre-order of Breath of the Wild on cartridge, I had no physical games until the four Labos and Ring Fit Adventure, which are not available digitally, came out.

I deeply regret getting Breath of the Wild physically. It literally loads more slowly. We have about 200 Switch games (many of them cheap discount indie titles for .10c - 4.99) but also all the big titles, and having them all on my Switch and my unfortunately passed-away youngest son's Switch Lite means my wife and oldest son can play any game at any time and only worry about cartridges if they Labo/Ring Fit - the rest of the time, Zelda is permanently in there.

My son can play any game with his account on the main Switch and I have my account only on Switch Lite and we can even play same game at same time. It's s beautiful setup.

Animal Crossing, more than any other game, is perfect for digital download. It is a game you always want on your system available to play in short bursts every day. It was one of the only 3DS games I bought digital over physical and now I'm trying to go all digital for Switch unless there is a sale on physical I cannot pass up.


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