Gods & Monsters dev build leak shows just how closely it resembles Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Gods of the Wild

Back when Ubisoft first revealed Gods & Monsters, countless players called the game out as being a tad too close to the gameply and visual style of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Those comparisons are only going to grow now that some new footage has come in.

We're not quite sure, but somehow a developer build of Gods & Monsters hit Google Stadia for all of thirty minutes, and owners were quick to jump in on the game and give it a go. Now this version of the game is a work-in-progress, but there's no denying that what's at play here has a lot to owe to Breath of the Wild. It'll be interesting to see just how close the final game is, once that comes out.

Thanks to Daniel for the heads up!

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If it plays anything like BotW I'll take it.

More like Breath of the Mild

I think it looks different enough.

But I look at it and really I just want to play Breath of the Wild 2.

Now I'm interested. I'm hoping we see some legitimate info soon.

Character movement doesn't look nearly as fluid, but I wasn't expecting it to be that expansive. I am more interested in this than I was before now for sure.

Another game that gave me BOTW vibes was Ghost of Tsushima. Well, several devs did say that BOTW did set new standards.

Just want to mention, Ubisoft put out a small statement about this. This was the e3 demo build from last year and mentions a lof of things have been changed since then.

This is easily the most interesting game that Ubisoft has made in years

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