Activision "evaluating additional platforms" for Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

Crash and burned

You most likely know that Activision recently revealed Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, a new installment in the long-running series. Sadly, a Switch version was not announced, and the reveal only confirmed PS4/XB1 versions. Could a Switch version happen sometime down the road?

While Activision isn't getting into specifics, it does seem like they're looking into releases on other platforms in the future. An Activision rep had this to say.

“We are still evaluating additional platforms for a future date. Stay tuned for more information.”

Now Switch isn't the only platform to be considered, mind you. There's PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X as well. Switch certainly has a shot, but it's not anywhere near confirmed.


I’m sure it’ll happen, just probably not at launch. Can’t understand why though if that’s the case.

Probably to get antsy people who want it now to get it on another platform, then double-dip for a Switch version later on.

Wouldn’t put it past them!

Shame because the ports for N.Sane Trilogy, Spyro and CTR were all really solid. I imagine they all sold decently on Switch (pretty sure they were all regularly in the eShop charts around the times they launched) so it sucks to see Switch versions prioritised less than others. Maybe Nintendo are holding it to announce it during a sizzle reel in the next Direct but I doubt it.

What's there to "evaluate"? N.Sane Trilogy sold MORE on Switch than on Xbox. Hell, this isn't even about Xbox and PS4 being similar platforms, because if that was the case it would be on PC too!

I'm going to sound REALLY mean to the Xbox right now, but this has to be said. Why do they get priority over a platform that has outperformed them in half the time? The Switch has already overtaken the Xbox One series of consoles GLOBALLY in sales, and yet, despite breaking all numbers of sales records the Switch STILL has to prove itself.

Crash 4 WILL be coming to Switch, it really is just a matter of time. HELL they are probably porting it over as we speak, but they want it out NOW!

XB1 is equal to PS4 in terms of power and dev skill. It's literally easy to make 1:1 copies of a game for both systems, while with switch you have to dumb stuff down, especially if it revolves framerate (A sacrifice i'd rather they not bother with if that's required TBH).

PC is a different story though since they could definitely put it there, but CTR didn't get PC ported either, so I don't know if it will for this either

There's zero reason this isnt out day 1 for the switch. If they could have done it for Nitro Fueled or any other game they can do it for this. The heaitance to put it on the switch feels more like they're uncertain of how well the game will sale and wanted to go with the PS4 and XBOX because they assumed if the game sales poorly at least they haven't wasted money porting it, but even that sounds dumb because a colorful 3D Platformer will always do better on a Nintendo platform.

That said I dont doubt it'll come at some point but I dont really want to wait a whole year especially considering this year for the switch still looks like a barren waste land.

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