Nintendo comments on Super Nintendo World opening, hardware resellers, and fields a question about casinos

A smattering of random questions

Nintendo had a bit of a Q&A following their 80th annual general meeting of shareholders, and there were a handful of interesting questions. Check out a quick summary of those questions below.

- Miyamoto says to wait for Universal Studios to comment on the opening date for Super Nintendo World
- Miyamoto says safety and security are the most important aspects for the opening of Super Nintendo World
- Nintendo says current laws make it tough to go after resellers, so they're focusing on production/shipping to meet demand
- Nintendo is asked about potentially moving into the casino business, to which they said they have absolutely zero plans

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Nintendo, just think about how happy people are with Konami's work in casinos.

Why would Nintendo, a company known for its innovation and influence would go to casinos?

Why do investors even ask stupid questions like that? Casino isn't really a profitable market anyways. I mean just look at SEGA and Konami how they are doing.

This president is very moneyist..

I have this eerie feeling that the Theme Park is gonna be a giant problem for them..

A Presidents / CEOs job is ensure the company is successful, and successful means profit and reinvesting that profit to diversify the companies holdings. Iwata spoke to shareholders in the same way, he just was better at putting a better spin on things.

This is also from a shareholder meeting...where MONEY is the only topic of conversation. Very few shareholders care any bit about the quality of games or other ventures. They only care about the money.


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