Capcom says there are no plans for Monster Hunter World on Switch, teases next game without mentioning platforms

What in the world?!

If you were still holding out hope that Capcom would bring Monster Hunter World to Switch, you can officially let that hope go now. During a shareholders meeting at Capcom, the company was asked about the potential for bringing Monster Hunter World to Switch. The company responded by saying that they have no plans to do so.

After that, Capcom was asked about a Monster Hunter title that was aimed at middle school/high school kids, similar to what was available for the PSP years ago. The team did confirm that they have plans for something like that, but didn't mention any platforms in particular.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!


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Tue Jun 30 20 11:02am
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And now I can't get the picture out of my head of the Monster Hunter development team standing around a molten Switch saying 'Well, that didn't work out.'.

To Capcom we're just a dumping ground for old ports and experimental mobile games.

Capcom is a lot of things. A good company is not one of them. Capcom's support has been up-and-down since the N64 era where they only released 2 games for the whole era and both of them were ports (Mega Man Legends and Resident Evil 2).

Tue Jun 30 20 10:21am
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The design of World wouldn't really make sense on a portable system anyway, what I hope they're doing is a Portable 5th that takes some of the good QOL changes from World/Iceborne and incorporates it into a more traditional MH structure.

Of course they wouldn't, it would make the switch melt and/or run like utter ass if they brought it over. Definitely better for them to just do something else like stories 2

Tue Jun 30 20 11:02am
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And now I can't get the picture out of my head of the Monster Hunter development team standing around a molten Switch saying 'Well, that didn't work out.'.

NO NO NO do not attempt to fill the MH void on Switch with Stories 2. Its not the same and definitely is not better. It cant be that hard to just make a proper MH game. Doesnt even need to be ground up, god knows many of the animations in World were reused from previous entries, and MH has been using the same models since PS2 up until World. I dont want a cheap effort but frick I WANT SOME EFFORT

Tue Jun 30 20 02:29pm
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Capcom: Nintendo, you should add 4 GB of RAM if you want our support

Nintendo: OK

After adding 4GB of RAM

Fans: Hey Capcom, why won't you give us Monster Hunter World on Switch

Capcom : Currently, we have no plans for Monster Hunter World on Switch.

The 4GB of ram is one thing, but if MHW/RE Engine require far far more than that, that doesn't really help Capcom put anything too intensive on switch now does it

The point is their output for the most part has mostly been big AAA games on those engines, and the Switch can't handle them. What are the other things that run on Switch and can work fine? Stuff like Mega Man 11 and all the compilations/ports/HD remakes the other systems get. Really just shows how AAA-focused and power hungry Capcom has gotten as of late, and that just makes the switch in a tough spot.

So then why did Capcom suggest to put in 4GB of ram rather than asking Nintendo to put in more than that? Clearly games like..oh idk, Monster Hunter 4 or Strider could work on Switch so what gives?

And don't give me that Switch can't handle AAA games because games like Doom Eternal worked well. Really, this is Capcom's way of saying that they aren't interested in doing much for the Switch besides ports which is just lame.

Thu Jul 02 20 03:05am
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The Doom games are at half the framerate and run like ass, don't kid yourself. Just because they *can* be brought on the platform, doesn't mean they always *should*. Witcher runs at the same framerate on Switch as other systems and it's a great port, since the game was made for 30FPS in mind, but on the other hand, a lot of ports half-ass the framerate or don't play close to how they're intended at all.

The fact RE7 had to be a cloud game for it to run on Switch (And poorly at that) in the system's launch year of all things, kinda goes to show their newer engine and such isn't really up to snuff for Switch: extra RAM can't fix everything, and i'm assuming it was more of a general suggestion for all games in general along with perhaps the usual Ninty exclusives they focused on and were planning to do again. (Ace Attorney, and Monster Hunter).

However I think World shifted their focus entirely: it's clear the old style of MH is outdated and wouldn't be as well-received compared to more World content, so without that franchise, you have... Ace Attorney and Mega Man. Mega Man's next game is still in development and is probably a lock for Switch (there's no way MMX9 would need the RE Engine), and who knows where AA7 is, or AA4-6. It's more of a case of bad timing than anything else, since modern gen Capcom is focused purely on pushing systems to their limits, saving their small scale projects for Mega Man titles and compilations. If they did more stuff like in 2009-2015 with games like Strider/Ducktales/Bionic Commando Rearmed we'd absolutely be getting them no problem. We'd even get the Disney Afternoon collection if the dev kits to Digital Eclipse were sent out earlier than they were (since that launched a month after launch and no way in hell would they have gotten that day and date)

But... Capcom's a RE/MHW machine for now. Can't really bring over things that don't flat out work, which is why they're literally porting everything else that comes out on the other platforms that can work. It just so happens that outside of RE/MHW/DMCV... They don't have much coming besides compilations. It should also be noted that Shinsekai was another small-scale project they made, and that also came to switch: console exclusive in fact.

Frankly I don't want World on Switch. I like the idea of World as a testing ground and progression of new ideas, which can then be incorporated into an original Switch entry, which is likely on its way. We've had several hints from industry folks and even this meeting.

I'm pretty sure it will be a more Japanese focused traditional experience with QOL stuff from World implemented. Would love to have 4 Ultimate's cinematic style and 60-ish FPS with Generations Ultimate's styles and variety including transmogging.

Ishaan over at Siliconera seems to think this is going to be a traditional MH experience, and I give him leeway on most industry happenings.

would love for that to be true.
there was that old old old old 4chan that sorta ended up being true, where they correctly predicted the name of the next Monster Hunter game (at the time MHXX) and that the new game would be targeted for PS4. The other part was that Switch would be getting another line of MH games following the Portable 3rd model. As of now, only 66 percent of that post came true, nothing of MH on Switch post MHXX. With how Capcom treated the Generations Ultimate (delaying it so that it wouldnt compete with World like why) and Switch in general, its hard to believe they'd put any effort into Switch only exclusives, no matter how much money the console makes for them.

I'm OK with this. I still haven't beaten Generations Ultimate

(wistfully looks towards Ahtal Ka)

Some day... Some day... (; v ;)


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