Nintendo comments on their online networks getting bogged down

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Nintendo knows that their online efforts struggle a bit when compared to other platforms out there, but they're continuing to work to fix things.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa talked a bit about Switch network activity during a Q&A with shareholders. Furukawa says that when major releases hit retailers, Nintendo's online servers become overloaded, and customers end up getting online delays or connection issues. Furukawa says that Nintendo is constant updating their server forecasts to try and combat this, and they're taking the technical hiccups very seriously.

Thanks to Sephazon for the heads up!

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I’d like to know why they think it’s a good idea to lock credit cards from being used on the eShop for a month as a security measure without being able to be reversed. I bought a game last month and then went to buy another later that same day and got an error message saying my card can’t be used- no reason given, just asked to contact my bank. Bank said nothing wrong with my account, no suspicious activity or anything. Tried other cards, same message. Contacted Nintendo and they said it’s a security measure on my account and I will have to wait 30 days to try again; any attempt at buying direct from card again would reset the 30 days. No ability to prove my identity and unlock the card. What kind of policy is that?

Wow, almost unbelievable!
Nintendo should had been hit really hard with losses regarding credit card security to end up doing measures like that!

Strangely I’ve only been able to find at most two other people online who got the same error code and had the same issues; doesn’t seem to be a common spread thing!

Tue Jun 30 20 09:24am
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That probably the company of your card or unauthorized.
I bought 3 games with my card the same day before with no errors. In fact I've never gotten errors when using any card or payment method.

Tue Jun 30 20 12:56pm
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Honestly never had a problem myself. The only thing I can imagine causing any kind of red flag is that I bought the first game on my UK account on the Switch itself and then later tried buying on my South African account on my phone. I’m fine with an automated system seeing that kind of activity and flagging it as suspicious as long as I have the chance to quickly dispute it. The thing is I’ve bought several games on both accounts prior with no issues, plus I have two step verification for both accounts so it was clearly me trying to purchase games. If that scenario is what triggered it then I really shouldn’t have to worry about which devices and which accounts I use to buy games on a given day because it might result in being locked out of buying anything else. I just don’t know for sure what started it because Nintendo customer support told me nothing aside from how I can’t use my card for a month on the eShop. If they had any reason to believe someone was using my card without my knowledge I’d have liked to have at least been informed. All conjecture of course, I really don’t know what happened.

If it is what I assume then it just feels like a half arsed measure quickly cobbled together after the recent hacks without regard for how it could affect genuine users.

Just add prepaid cards instead? You never would have to deal with the same issue and plus you never have to bother using your card in this case.

Tue Jun 30 20 12:35pm
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I still appreciate for their hard work. I understand that it’s difficult and I’ll be waiting for the miracles to happen. In a meantime, I’ll keep on enjoying the games. 😊

I mean, maintaining servers isn't as simple as bread and butter. So I'm ok with this.

And besides, I don't do much of online gaming.

I take it Mr. Furakawa has never tried online play with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, his company's #3 or #4 best-selling title with a major online component.

It is inexcusable just how bad Smash online play is.


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