Thanko releases a double cooling fan for Switch

This blows

Thanko has already released a special cooling fan for Switch, but now they're back with double the power!

Thanko has revealed their special 'cooling charging grip' for the Switch, which is a cradle with two fans built inside. This cradle can also recharge your Switch while you play! The grip holds enough battery power to recharge a Switch to full capacity once. You can also turn the fans on and off, and just use the cradle as a grip.

This item is now available in Japan, and is priced at $37. No word on an official release outside of Japan at this time.

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Many of these fans do nothing really.

The only fan that actually helped me is in here:

it sucks air out of the switch in docked mode and keeps the system cool

dumb. doesnt even touch the vents!

Tue Jun 30 20 02:16pm
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This is really a waste of time even thinking. Like come on folks, the Switch is not going to get hot to the point that it gets permanently damaged.

And besides, that V2 model kinda fixed that heating issue didn't it?

I hope everyone knows that those two vents on the back of the switch are intake and hot air blows out the top of the switch.


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