Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 dev team shares insight into the game's creation, vetoed ideas, and more

How the sequel came to be

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 director Hiroki Miyazawa, Inti Creates president Takuya Aizu, and producer Koji Igarashi recently sat down with Famitsu to share all-new details on the game and its development. Check out a summary of that info below.

- Aizu brought forth the idea for a sequel
- Aizu says that no matter what game it is, Inti Creates would be willing to develop a sequel if the first game does well
- the team was already saying this even when developing the first game
- Curse of the Moon 2 had a shorter development time compared to the first game
- this is because the first game spent more time in conceptual development
- the team were able to fit in everything they wanted to do in this game
- Igarashi oversaw the characterization of every character in the game, including the new ones
- there were some new character proposals which were vetoed by Igarashi
- the two completely new characters who are playable in this game had their designs changed
- IGA felt the early proposals didn’t have enough gothic flair
- Hachi is the character with the most Inti Creates flair and is especially powerful
- when Inti Creates tried to tone down Hachi, the team members ended up feeling bad for the dog each time
- the game is split into “Episodes,” which are an even more fleshed out version of Nightmare Mode in the first game
- the game is balanced for single-player, but includes local co-op
- you can enjoy the feeling of breaking the game in different ways by literally riding on the shoulders of allies
- Miyazawa says that he hopes he’ll see two-player speedruns of the game


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