Super Nintendo World's Thwomp spotted in action

I can hear it now...

Every week, we get a little something new to look at with Super Nintendo World. We had a great bird's eye view just a few days back, and now we have some footage that zeroes in on a particular feature. Check out the clip above to get a good look at a Thwomp doing its thing!

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I have this eerie feeling that this theme park stuff is not gonna work for Nintendo

Yeah Im kinda worried too. Everytime their is news about this park on the site it gets very little attention/comments/likes. Twitter/Facebook/youtube not many are talking about it either when news/leaks come out...which makes me very sad tbh.

Yeah THEDESTRUCTO94 Thankfully they're not banking this all by themselves. Universal is helping. But if it is failure like I'm expecting, it's gonna be a huge blunder. This is some serious physical investment we're talking about here. They can't just get rid of it without some huge costs, if it doesn't work. Hopefully it will be a success.

I hope it will make the Mario 64 'EeeRRrr' sound when it slams down


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